CPEC Pakistan Vs China News: Baloch Security Concerns Payment Disputes Hinder China BRI Investment In Pakistan


Islamabad: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under the Belt and Road Initiative between Pakistan and China has completed 10 years. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif has praised this project. Not only this, he has also invited India to take part in it and take advantage of it. According to a report, while Pakistan is celebrating the CPEC project, China, which blew up to $25 billion in this poor country, has gone bankrupt. On the one hand, the impoverished Pakistani government is unable to finance CPEC projects, while Baloch rebels are carrying out bloody attacks on Chinese citizens.

According to the report of Voice of America, differences have increased between China and Pakistan on terrorist attacks and debt repayment and due to this the CPEC project is hanging in the balance. This information has been given in the report by quoting officials and critics. This project started 10 years ago between China and Pakistan. China has so far invested up to $25 billion to present itself as a role model for the world. China’s intention was to enter the Indian Ocean directly through Pakistan. Now this investment has become a noose around his neck.
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62 billion dollars investment in CPEC by the year 2030!

Through this huge investment, China made way to Pakistan’s strategically important Gwadar port and improved the power system. China intends to develop Gwadar as a naval base. Officials say that with the investment of China, the production of electricity has increased by 8 thousand MW, due to which the power crisis in the country has ended. China intends to invest $62 billion by the year 2030. China is building several industrial zones which will be completed by the year 2030.

Pang Chunshu, in-charge of the Chinese Embassy, ​​says that I am happy and proud to say that CPEC is one of the most successful projects of BRI. He said that they will continue to work together in the future as well. Even though China is publicly claiming its success, but because of its special interest in Pakistan, it has come under the target of terrorists. For this reason, China now has to seek the help of the Pakistani Army for the safety of its citizens. Critics say that this is the reason why no major leader of China has reached Pakistan after completion of 10 years.
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Fear is haunting the employees of the Chinese Embassy

Critics said that this reflects the growing dispute between Pakistan and China on security and economic issues. Earlier, Chinese Premier Li Qiang had said last month itself, ‘China hopes that Pakistan will take action against various terrorist organizations with full force and effectively. Also will ensure the safety of Chinese companies and citizens in Pakistan. In November last year, in a conversation with Shehbaz Sharif, the Chinese President had raised the issue of the security of his citizens.

Mushahid Hussain, Pakistani MP and Chairman of the Defense Committee, says, ‘The Chinese believe that the issue of security has become a major obstacle in taking the CPEC forward.’ He said that Chinese leaders have indicated that Pakistan has failed to provide complete security to Chinese citizens. He said that if it is not dealt with effectively, the economic cooperation between Pakistan and China and Chinese investment will be badly affected. Many Chinese citizens have been killed in these attacks so far. Not only this, there is a danger of attack on the embassy of China. Embassy staff are not venturing out much in Islamabad. The debt burden of China has become so much that Pakistan is unable to repay and has to take loan from IMF.

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