DA Hike: Dearness Allowance increased for these employees, when will the revised rates be applicable?


Dearness allowance increased: The central government has increased the dearness allowance of some of its employees. They will get the benefit of enhanced Dearness Allowance – DA from 1 July 2023. This dearness allowance has been extended to board level officers and supervisors of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs – Central Public Sector Enterprises).

On which employees will the increased DA apply?

As per the notification of the Department of Public Enterprises, the new enhanced rates of DA will be applicable to the officers of CPSEs who are holding board level posts. The IDA pattern for below board level posts and non-combined supervisors has also been extended and revised from the 1992 pay scales.

When will the revised rates be applicable?

These revised rates will be applicable from 1 July 2023. The DA rate has been increased to 701.9 per cent on the basic pay of Rs 3500 per month, which has been fixed at a minimum of Rs 15,428.

DA rates have been fixed at 526.4 per cent on basic pay above Rs 3500 and up to Rs 6500, which will be a minimum of Rs 24,567.

At the same time, 421.1 per cent DA rate has been applied on basic pay above Rs 6500 and up to Rs 9500, which will be considered at least up to Rs 34,216.

351.0 per cent dearness allowance will be applicable on basic pay above Rs 9500, subject to a minimum of Rs 40,005.

Dearness Allowance keeps increasing from time to time

All Administrative Departments and Ministries of the Government of India have been directed to implement the same for the officers of all CPSEs. This rule will be applicable for the administrative control of all CPSEs under this notification. The Central Government and State Governments increase the DA of their employees and pensioners from time to time so that they can compete with the rising inflation. Along with increasing the cost of living of its employees, the government also keeps increasing their dearness allowance.

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