Data Protection Bill: The arbitrariness of social media companies will end, data theft will be curbed – what is data protection bill and how it will keep your data safe


For a long time, the discussion about the Data Protection Bill has intensified. In this digital era, how important this bill is, it is being talked about and it will be implemented soon. Today’s era has become digital due to which we can do many things sitting at home. From working in a bank to availing the benefits of any government scheme, from sending instant money to someone to video calling someone sitting far away, technology has brought many changes that have made our lives easier.

The easier our life has become, the more danger is hovering over the people. Hack4s has spread its wings so much that people’s data can no longer be said to be completely secure. There has been a debate going on for a long time regarding the security of personal data. This is the reason that many policy organizations present in the country have demanded to make a law regarding the personal data security of the users. Now what is the Data Protection Bill and how will it protect the data of the users, let us know.

What is Data Protection Bill?
The Data Protection Bill is a law that will protect the personal information and digital identity of users. This bill will make the processing of companies that collect users’ data from Google to Facebook and Twitter completely transparent. After the introduction of this bill, if any organization wants to store user’s data, then it will have to take permission for that. Also, no organization will be able to use this data for its own benefit. The way the incidents of data theft are increasing and online frauds are coming to the fore, a reduction in these incidents can be seen with the introduction of this bill.

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What do companies do with this data?

Whenever you enter your details on any website or app, your data goes to that website or app. This includes many information including your name to address and phone number. Not only this, the information of service providers including bank details is also with the companies which are used by the companies in their own interest and then they are used to run targeted ads.

Why would this bill be needed?
In the current environment, it becomes difficult many times to stop the misuse of users’ data. There are many such technology companies in India who store their data outside India and use users’ data for their own benefit. Many times you must have seen that whatever you search on Google or on Facebook, you start seeing advertisements for the same. Now how does this happen? For this companies use your data.

Let us tell you that in the last three years, the government has closed thousands of apps keeping the security in mind. One of the main reasons for shutting down these apps was that their servers were not in India. Most of these servers were in China. In such a situation, there were more possibilities of misuse of users’ data. Keeping all these things in mind, the Central Government has decided to bring Digital Data Protection Bill.

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