Day of restoration of identity, self-respect and pride

The golden and historical opportunity of consecrating the life of Ramlala has been achieved by Sanatan Dharma people through a tough struggle, which has a history of more than 550 years. It includes a bloody history of more than 70 conflicts, most of which were attacks on Indians and our temples by Mughal invaders. After countless movements, now finally on 22 January 2024, the Hindu society is getting the honor of reestablishing its beloved Lord Shri Ram in the grand temple built on the birthplace. This day is the day of restoration of India’s faith, identity, self-respect and pride. Ram is the culture of the nation, Ram is the life of the nation, Ram’s temple means the new construction of India.

The Somnath temple was destroyed for the last time by Aurangzeb saying, ‘This time destroy it completely so that not even a trace of the temple is visible.’ Sardar Patel had described the mosque and graveyard at Somnath as a sign of distortion of history and a national insult and said, “Reconstruction of the Somnath temple is necessary to re-establish the pride of the nation.” Gandhiji also agreed with this. The kind of obstacles created in liberating the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram in a Hindu majority country are unimaginable. If the then Nehru government had resolved the issue of Ram Janmabhoomi along with Somnath, then perhaps no one would have got the opportunity to do politics over it.

Self. Atal Bihari Vajpayee had once said in Parliament that the construction of Ram Temple is an issue of national self-respect. His statement was truly a message without politics. The truth is that those who opposed Ram Mandir made it a part of vote bank politics. Congress and some other parties continued to ignore the legitimate claims of Hindus on this issue because of Muslim opinions. As a reaction, the matter took another turn. But it is unfortunate that the work of freeing the birthplace of Shri Ram, who is adored by the majority of the country’s population, from illegal occupation was possible due to the decision of the court. And that process also continued not for years but for decades. The biggest thing that happened was that along with the Muslim religious leaders, the Hindu leaders who were the flag bearers of secularism continued to support the Babri structure.

It is no less sad that even after that decision, the obstructionists who were creating obstacles in the construction of the temple did not desist from their activities. Even after all the preparations have been made for the historic event of Pran-Pratishtha, a section is trying its best to make it fail. Some religious leaders have also joined this campaign. Eternal national identity is being looked at from the point of view of immediate and political loss and gain.

In fact, the trouble with hypocritical and distorted theorists is natural and natural. The strong possibility of his shop going up after several decades is not a common occurrence. He is at a loss for words. The new words used have lost their power. They are bonded laborers of their old and superficial concepts. It is no longer possible for them to create a new world of words. All of them sold Gandhism. Their socialism was defeated. The plight of the countries suffering the wrath of capitalism is in front of everyone. The problem before them is what to say, what to do? They do not even have the courage to correct the mistake made by considering the mortal as immortal and the relativity of time as eternity. This is the reason the campaign to end the national anger started from Ayodhya and the national identity moved from Somnath towards Ayodhya riding on the Ram Rath and there was chaos in the locality of these impersonators.

A party whose ideological stream does not include all the citizens of the country equally cannot become an alternative. He cannot even do good to the country. The country does not belong to any small or big percentage, but to the 100% who are fully committed, unconditionally and spontaneously dedicated to it. This spontaneous dedication of the country’s population was given the name of nationalism. Every section of the country’s population which is uncomfortable, thinks separately about itself, considers only its own interest as the interest of the nation, is anti-national. All those who promote and nurture this trend are guilty of giving strength to anti-nationalism.

A divine opportunity is present to reform the nation’s wounded self-respect, hurt mind, broken trust, humiliated history and frustrated national identity. The fortunate moment to complete the divine work inspired by God will be the auspicious time on 22nd January when Shri Ram Temple will be consecrated. Those who will fulfill this national responsibility to convert the defeat of their ancestors into victory and repay the sacrifices, will become the blood of the heart in the future. They will write the vital pages of history. This story of restoration of national pride will emerge as a golden word on the pages of history and only then will the real independent India be reborn. The first aarti of Shri Ramlala will be performed in the newly constructed Ram temple to usher in Gandhi’s Ramrajya.

There is no doubt that the struggle of centuries is now visible bearing fruit in Ayodhya. Ram is present in every particle of India. The consecration of Ram temple has worked to awaken the dormant soul of India. A strong nation is going to be created by the construction of Ram temple. Ramrajya is going to come in India with the construction of Ram temple. The world is cheering for India. It is truly the dormant soul of India. This will make India all-powerful in the world. The devotion to Ram that is in the mind of every person in India is patriotism. Politics works to break, religion unites. Ram temple has united the country.

National identity and integrity are also linked to Ayodhya. Shri Ram Temple is not just a question of religious faith, the economics of the country is also connected with it. The concept of future social structure is also related. Ayodhya will now determine the future form of politics. The character building of the individual and the nation, creation of time-relative but timeless philosophy and vision lies in the construction of Beej Ram Temple. Not only are the followers of Hindu religion who have created and settled in many countries of the world enthusiastic about consecrating the Ram temple, many such countries are also participating in it who follow some other religion. This is proof that Shri Ram is accepted all over the world. From that point of view, the date of 22 January will remain immortal forever in world history. No one has any doubt that his grand temple on the birthplace of Shri Ram will become an innovative center of faith and aspiration for innumerable Sanatanis spread across the world.

Ram Mandir is not an attack on anyone’s faith, it is an answer to the questions related to India’s identity. There are many Ram temples in the country and Ayodhya, many more temples can be built but Ram’s birthplace can be only one, not many. Building a temple at this sacred national place commensurate with the dignity of the nation is not only a guarantee of national unity and integrity but also a certificate of India’s identity.

– Dr. Ashish Vashishtha

freelance journalist

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