Deal confirmed… Now Indians will be able to do UPI in France too, will start from Eiffel Tower


New Delhi (Best Hindu News): Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to France and big news has come on the first day of this two-day visit. Actually, PM Modi has announced another facility for Indians. Indians who go on a trip to France have to face a lot of difficulties to make payments in France. There Indians pay money either in dollars or pounds. But Indians will no longer have to put up with this problem. Indians will now be able to pay through UPI by scanning the QR code in France as well. PM Modi has given information about this.

The Indian community or Indian tourists who travel to France will now be able to make payments through UPI in France as well. PM Modi gave this information while addressing the Indians. PM Modi said that now Indians will also be able to make payments through UPI. PM Modi said that an agreement has been reached between India and France in this regard. It will be started by paying from the Eiffel Tower. Last year, an MoU was signed between the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and the French payment system called Laira.

Another delight for Indian students. Thousands of students studying in France will now be able to work there for five years after completing their studies. Giving information in this regard, PM Modi said that students studying Masters will get visa for five years after study. According to the information, earlier the French government used to give post study visa for two years after study. This will benefit all the students who are currently studying in France.

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