Deepest Hole Entrance To Hell : Deepest Human Made Hole In The World Is Kola Superdeep Borehole In Russia Knows As Entrance To Hell


Moscow : The deepest artificial hole on earth is called the ‘gateway to hell’. The miners had dug this hole more than 40 thousand feet deep. We are talking about Russia’s Kola superdeep borehole which was constructed by the Soviet Union. This hole was part of a science project. Scientists dug into the earth to a place where no one had reached before. He wanted to know ‘what is under our feet?’ But after going to a depth of 12,200 meters, scientists had stopped its excavation.

Excavation of this hole near Murmansk began in the 1970s. After two decades the depth of this hole had reached 40,026 feet. Drilling was stopped in 1992 after the bottom temperature reached 180 °C, far higher than scientists had predicted. It is claimed that a noise was recorded from that hole which was called ‘Sound of Hell’.

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Heat is the biggest obstacle in reaching the center

According to the news of Dailystar, today this hole is only covered by a rusted metal cover. Scientists recorded a 17-second memo using several heat-resistant microphones in the hole. What we learned from this project was that if scientists wanted to continue exploring the center of the Earth, they had to find a way to overcome the temperature problem.

2.7 billion year old rocks found in excavation

Despite being unsuccessful, this drilling was not useless and scientists made many important discoveries from it. Scientists found 2.7 billion years old rocks in the excavation. A group of scientists working on the hole found water in a place where it was believed that there was a thick layer of crust. Scientists were surprised to find that instead of solid and dry rocks, there is a huge amount of water present below.

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