Delhi, UP trains cancelled, highway closed after heavy rains, passengers stranded


The continuous rains in Uttarakhand are becoming a problem. After the closure of the highway after heavy rains, now the train has also been affected. Passengers coming to Uttarakhand from other states of the country including UP, Delhi-NCR, Haryana, MP are facing difficulties. Due to debris coming on the railway track, many trains have been canceled and the route of some trains has been changed.

The Haridwar-Dehradun rail track was disrupted for five and a half hours on Wednesday due to fresh debris near the Bhimgoda Kali Mandir tunnel. This affected the operation of 24 trains. Of these, six trains were cancelled, while eight trains were rescheduled. Five trains were short terminated and four were diverted from other stations.

The route of a train has been changed. The track was opened at seven in the late evening. Debris from the mountains came on the track at around 130 pm on Wednesday. On getting the information, railway officials and employees reached the spot. The debris was removed from the track in three hours. The SM BS owner of the railway told that the track was completely cleaned at seven in the evening.

These trains got over in no time

The train coming from Prayagraj to Yoganagari Rishikesh was terminated at Najibabad itself. The train going from Dehradun to Subedarganj was terminated at Kansro, the train going from Yognagari Rishikesh to Puri was terminated at Motichur station. The train coming from Howrah to Dehradun was terminated at Moradabad and the train coming from Anand Vihar Terminal station to Dehradun was terminated at Haridwar itself.

These trains have been canceled

● Rishikesh-Chandausi
● Chandausi-Rishikesh
● Delhi-Haridwar
● Rishikesh-Haridwar

Changes made in the timings of these trains

Trains running between Dehradun to New Delhi and Dehradun to Banaras were delayed by three hours and those between Yoganagari and Ahmedabad by five hours. Dehradun to Kota, Dehradun to Kathgodam and Yoganagari to Rishikesh reached Howrah two hours late. The Rishikesh to Katra train ran late by eight hours. The Rishikesh to Barmer train ran late by four hours.

Time of four trains changed, two remained canceled

On Wednesday, the Mussoorie Express from Doon to Delhi was cancelled. This train leaves for Delhi at 9:20 pm, at 4:00 pm I got the message of train cancellation. Lahori Express coming from Amritsar is already running cancelled. While Janshatabdi came till Haridwar. Shatabdi, Janata Express from Dehradun were delayed by three hours each and Nanda Devi and Kathgodam Express by two hours each. The Nanda Devi Express coming from Delhi arrived late by one and a half hours.

Two trains canceled in the night, passengers returned from the station

Railways had earlier rescheduled Janta Express from Dehradun to Varanasi and Kathgodam Express from Dehradun to Kathgodam, passengers of both the trains reached the station, but both the trains were canceled late in the night.

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