Dhansu sound will be available in compact design and low price


Blaupunkt has carved a niche for itself in no time. If you are planning to buy a new Boombox or Bluetooth Speaker, then we are going to tell about some new options. Also will give all the information about a new Boombox. The special thing is that you should know about everything before buying it. Today we are going to tell you about its design, sound quality and battery backup.Design-

Talking about Blaupunkt Boombox, its biggest feature is that it is very light in weight. Also its design is compact. This is the reason that if you want to take it from one place to another then there will be no problem of any kind. Grip has also been given below the speaker, with the help of which it fits easily in one place. This is the reason why it can also prove to be a much better option. We did not face any problem regarding the design of this phone.

Sound Quality-

Whenever we talk about a speaker, its sound quality also matters a lot. This Boombox from Blaupunkt comes with 50W. This is the reason that you get much better sound in it. Apart from this, you are also given Karaoke Wireless Mic which you can easily connect with the speaker. A Bass Booster option is also given in it, with the help of which you can also get better Bass Experience in it. RGB Mood Lights also work with sound. Overall, it has no match in terms of sound and design.


The speaker has a battery of 4500 mAh. Even if we talk about its biggest feature, then only its battery can be said. The company claims that it gives 12 hours of playtime if you use it with 50% volume. Our experience has also been very good regarding the battery. We have no complaints with its battery. In this, the Bluetooth range has also been given up to 30 feet. If you are searching for a speaker with great battery backup, then this can prove to be a much better option for you.

1200x900 - Puneet FilmiPop (17)

Price and our verdict-

To buy Blaupunkt Boombox you have to spend Rs 4,999. While the MRP of this speaker is Rs 9,999. You can also order it online. In our decision, we would like to say that if you are searching Boombox at a low cost, then it can prove to be a best option for you. You can definitely include this in your list.

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