Difference found in the papers and statement of Pakistani woman Seema Haider, may also go to Nepal Police


Greater Noida: A lot of contradictions have been seen in the documents found with a Pakistani woman and her recorded statement, who reached India from Pakistan to meet and live with her lover through the PUBG game. Police is constantly trying to get it investigated and verified and a letter has also been written to the investigating agencies. When Seema Haider had taken legal advice to marry Sachin Meena, a resident of Rabupura, she had given her age as 27 years, whereas according to Pakistan’s identity card, Seema’s date of birth is written as January 1, 2002, which means she is 21 years old. is of. Also, according to the press note issued by the police, Seema’s marriage was said to be in February 2014, while the marriage certificate found with her has the date written as February 15, 2015.

She had given the age of her youngest child as three years and that of her eldest son as eight years, while Seema’s first son was born on January 1, 2018, after three years of marriage. Seema then gave birth to the first daughter on December 27 in the 12th month. After this, on 23 December 2019, Seema gave birth to a second daughter.

Seema’s husband had gone to Saudi Arabia in 2019 itself and since then there has been no relation between the two, yet Seema Haider’s youngest child was born on January 2, 2021, who is only two and a half years old. Police is also preparing to go to Nepal to find answers to many similar questions. All those places in Nepal will be investigated where the meeting of Seema and Sachin has come to the fore.

Seema and Sachin also told during interrogation that they stayed in a hotel for seven days. The police will go to Nepal and investigate that hotel as well and collect evidence. Somewhere the police suspect that Seema has not done all this work alone in coming to India from Pakistan through Nepal. The police feel that somewhere a big gang is behind it.

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