Difficulty for Apple and Google increases in Israel-Hamas War, can tech companies shift to India?

These days the situation between Israel and Hamas is going from bad to worse. At the same time, Israel is also at the forefront in terms of technology, due to which Israel is also the home of big tech companies including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and IBM. Israel is the only country where Intel chipsets are produced. But the current situation in Israel has increased the difficulties of all these companies.

According to experts, if the war between Israel and Hamas escalates, its impact on tech companies will be visible. Due to this war, the breathing of all these companies is stuck. Let us tell you that there are 500 tech companies present in Israel including Google and Apple. These companies have about one lakh employees.

Tech companies may shift to India

According to Reuters news agency, if more people join the military as the war progresses, there may be a shortage of labor force. In such a situation, it is being written quoting the report of Economics Times that if the war escalates, then tech companies can shift their business to the Middle East, Europe or India. Companies like TCS and Wipro are also based in Israel, which can increase their capacity in India.

There is no chance of the war stopping!

However, Israel is a major exporter of Intel chips. Therefore, in the current situation, the company is denying that the war will affect chip production, but if the war increases, then Intel’s problems will also increase in that situation. Along with Intel, Nvidia is also active in Israel. Let us tell you that Nvidia is the world’s largest company making artificial intelligence and computer graphics, which has postponed its AI summit to be held in Tel Aviv.

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