Divorce case of Pawan Singh and Jyoti: Wife asked for Rs 5 crore…Pawan Singh ready to settle for one crore

The reconciling of actor cum singer Pawan Singh, who is known as the superstar of Bhojpuri film industry, and his wife Jyoti Singh also failed. Even after an hour-long counseling in the family court on Saturday, no settlement could be reached between the two. Now trial will go on in this case. According to court sources, Pawan Singh was ready to give an amount of up to Rs 1 crore for settlement, but his wife was demanding Rs 5 crore.

Husband and wife had reached court for counselling.

Both of them had reached Ara Court on Saturday afternoon for counselling. Jyoti Singh reached the court at around 2.15 pm, while Power Star Pawan Singh reached at around 3.45 pm. Here, as soon as the news of Pawan Singh reaching Arrah Court was received, a huge crowd of his supporters gathered. There was competition among the fans to see Pawan Singh. With much effort and amid tight security, the police personnel took him to the court chamber. Counseling of both of them was started in the presence of Chief Justice of Family Court, Shweta Kumari Singh. On this occasion, lawyer Sudama Singh was present on behalf of Pawan Singh, while Jyoti Singh’s lawyers Vishnudhar Pandey and Aditya Kumar were present. Let us tell you that both had reached the court on September 27 regarding the settlement. Even after counseling that lasted for about two hours, things could not be resolved.

Pawan Singh’s divorce case has been going on for almost two years

On October 9, 2021, an application for divorce from his second wife Jyoti Singh was filed in Ara’s family court on behalf of actor cum singer Pawan Singh. After that Jyoti Singh reached Arrah’s family court on 28 April this year. That day a demand for interim maintenance was made by Jyoti Singh. Under this, a demand of Rs 3.5 lakh per month has been made by Jyoti Singh. Since then the case is going on in the family court. For the first time, counseling has been done between the two regarding this matter. Last year also both had reached the court in the month of May. At that time also an attempt was made by the Chief Justice to reach a compromise. Even at that time things did not work out.

Jyoti Singh is Pawan Singh’s second wife.

Let us tell you that Jyoti Singh, a resident of UP, is the second wife of Pawan Singh. Both of them got married in 2018. After living together for about three years, a divorce petition was filed by Pawan Singh. After that, Pawan Jyoti Singh, through her advocate, had also accused Pawan Singh of harassing her after marriage and forcibly getting abortion done. Then it was told by Jyoti Singh’s advocate that Pawan Singh’s behavior had become quite bitter since marriage. He often beat and abused his wife. Jyoti Singh has also been forcibly aborted. However, all those allegations were also denied by Pawan Singh’s lawyer.

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