Do these 7 mistakes on the internet even by mistake, you will end up paying – keep these 7 things in mind while using internet


Internet has become very important in our lives. Everyone needs internet. Whether someone wants to make an online payment or needs an answer to any question, internet is very important. It is as dangerous as it is beneficial. If some things are not taken care of on the internet, you may have to face problems. Let us know about them.

Secure Website:
You have to understand that whenever you visit any website, it should be secure and verified. Especially you have to take special care of banking portals or those on which personal data is shared. Check the URL for this. You should go to https:// website only because it is considered the safest.

Strong Password: For any website you have to keep the password strong. Keep a password that no one can hack easily. In these you should include alphabet, numbers, special characters.

Ignore pop-ups: Many times you may have come across a pop-up in which a clickable link is given. It is very important to ignore such pop-ups. Many times it comes through unknown sources and contains advertisements. Do not click on such pop-ups. This eliminates the problem of the device getting hacked.

Don’t share personal information: Do not share your personal information on the internet without thinking. If you do this then your information can be misused.

Keep your browser updated: If you want to stay safe on the Internet, you must always keep your browser updated. This eliminates the risk of viruses entering the device.

Keep in mind while downloading the file: You have to take care not to download any file without checking. Also, do not agree to cookies from any website. With this you can also be monitored.

VPN and Public Wi-Fi: The most important thing on the Internet is that you neither use VPN nor use public Wi-Fi. With this you can be monitored.

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