Doctor’s Miracle: Reunited Car Accident Body, Incident in Israel


Pudhari Online: Israeli doctors have been able to perform such a miracle that everyone will be surprised to hear about it. A few days ago, a 12-year-old boy from Israel met with an accident. That’s why his head got separated from the body. There was no Persian hope for his awakening. His neck was just a skin joint, but the doctors made tireless efforts to connect his neck and saved his life.

According to The Times of Israel, 12-year-old Suleiman Hassan, a resident of Palestine, had an accident with his car while riding his bicycle on the road. The car hit him hard. Due to this, there was a sharp wound on his head and the head got separated from the body. Their heads were only joined by skin. The same condition is scientifically known as bilateral atlanto-occipital combined dislocation.

head separated from body

After the accident, the child was taken to the airport. Where he was sent for urgent surgery. According to the doctors, his head would have been almost completely separated from his mane. Dr. Ohad Einav, the orthopedic surgeon who treated Mulavar, told The Times of Israel that the surgery took several hours, but we managed to get through the procedure well. For this, new plates and fixation were used. We struggled a lot to save the child and finally got fame. According to the surgeon, the patient’s recovery was nothing short of a miracle, because the rate of his awakening would have been only 50 percent.

Either the operation was done, that is, in the month of June, but the doctor did not say anything till July. A few days ago the child was discharged from the hospital due to cervical splint. Dr. Eanav said that currently the patient’s health is very critical. He doesn’t have any neurological problem. After such a big operation, it works on its own and it is very normal. He further said that special doctors are required for such rare surgeries. It is not a simple operation at all. Especially not for small children. To do this knowledge and experience is necessary. According to reports, the child’s father did not leave his child alone for a moment. He thanked the hospital staff for saving him, the only child. Presently the boy is safe and normal in his house.

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