Doesn’t want to replace Twitter: Instagram chief


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New Delhi. Instagram head Adam Mosseri has clarified that Meta does not want to replace Twitter. Wants to create a public platform on Instagram for the community that never adopted Twitter. And, who want to adopt that platform for dialogue, where there is not much controversy. He said that this platform will not focus only on breaking news and world events.

He posted on the threads, “Politics and hard news will inevitably appear on threads on Instagram to some degree. But, we are doing nothing to encourage those verticals.”

Responding to a question from The Verge’s Alex Heath, Mosseri said politics and hard news are important. He doesn’t want to focus on it.

Mosseri said, “I believe that politics and hard news, from a platform’s perspective, can increase the number of posts or revenue, but there is also a risk associated with reviews, negativity and authenticity. We do not think that this The hike is worth it.”

He added that communities across sports, music, fashion, beauty, entertainment etc are more than enough to create a vibrant platform without the need to delve into politics or hard news.

Mosseri said that there are many good offerings for public conversation.

“Given all that was going on, we thought there was an opportunity to build something that was open and something that was good for a community that was already an Instagram user,” he added.


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