Donald Trump’s campaign sent me to a cage: Nikki Haley


Washington. Nikki Haley, a contender to become the Republican Party candidate in the US presidential election, has said that the country’s former President Donald Trump’s election campaign sent her a cage and bird food after her impressive performance on the debate stage last week. Was. Haley has finished second to Trump in some key early primaries and caucus states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Trump’s campaign issued several statements against Haley immediately after the Republican Party’s primary election debate last week.

Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina and former US ambassador to the United Nations, said that on Sunday the Trump campaign had left a cage and some bird food outside Haley’s hotel room in Iowa. Haley also shared a photo of the cage on social media and said, “A day after the campaign, this message is waiting for me outside my hotel room.”

Haley’s campaign manager Betsy Ankeny said in a statement to The New York Post, “This behavior is strange and inappropriate for a former president feeling pressure, and reflects his frustration.” Targeting Haley through the platform ‘Truth Social’, he wrote, “I or MAGA (Make America Great Again) will never support bird-brained Nikki Haley.”

Trump, who is contesting to become the Republican Party’s candidate for the third consecutive term in the presidential election, wrote, “Bird-minded (Haley) does not have the talent or temperament required to do this job.” Make America Great Again.” The New York Post wrote in an editorial that Haley has a good sense of policy. She was the surefire winner of at least the first two Republican Party debates, it said, adding that “dealing with a bunch of screaming men was no easy task for a woman.”

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