Drones have become a bigger threat than Missile in Russia-Ukraine War, common people are losing their lives due to counter-attacks


In the same week, in response to the way drones showered on Russia’s capital Moscow earlier, drones were showered on Ukraine’s capital Kiev as well. If seen, both Russia and Ukraine are taking advantage of the absence of any international regulation regarding the use of drones.

Drones are currently playing the most important role in Russia’s war against Ukraine. Actually America and NATO have successfully used drones in many wars and now they are giving full cooperation and support to Ukraine. That’s why such drones are being given to Ukraine, which has given Russia sleepless nights. Although Russia is also using drones extensively in counterattack. Russia is not only using its own made drones, but it is also attacking Ukraine by importing drones from China and Iran. It is being told that Iranian drones are proving to be the most successful because they are made using technology stolen from the West. Reports coming out of Ukraine are showing that drones have emerged as a greater threat to the public than missiles. There are also reports that the security forces of Russia and Ukraine are spending most of their time trying to find out where the drone seen in front came from. As soon as Russia sees the drone, it is also surprised that how the drone has reached here after penetrating all the security systems? Due to the high speed of the drone, it is becoming extremely difficult to trace its movement, especially at night. Although new drone detection platforms have combined traditional radar detection to locate the drone operator’s exact location, the situation remains fraught with difficulties.

In the same week, in response to the way drones showered on Russia’s capital Moscow earlier, drones were showered on Ukraine’s capital Kiev as well. If seen, both Russia and Ukraine are taking advantage of the absence of any international regulation regarding the use of drones. In recent drone attacks, there were at least eight drone attacks on Moscow on the morning of 30 May 2023, damaging several buildings and injuring civilians. In response, Russia targeted residential buildings in Ukraine, killing many civilians. Regarding these drone attacks, Ukraine has said that it is not directly responsible for the attacks on Moscow, on the other hand, the Russian government has termed the drone attacks as terrorist attacks. If seen, the situation at this time is that drone attacks have become a part of the routine in Ukraine. Drones keep hovering in the sky all day long, creating uneasiness among the people and then causing huge damage.

By the way, when drone technology came to the fore, it was believed that it would be used during conflicts, as well as drones would be used to deliver goods, detect weather and entertain drone enthusiasts. But instead of using this technology, it is being misused more. Smugglers transport weapons and drugs from here to there through drones, then in the battlefield it is being done in spying on each other and dropping bombs. Military drones are currently being used by armies around the world.

Drone technology is not only the first choice of military forces but it is also well liked by terrorists as it is a relatively low cost weapon which has the power to inflict great damage on the enemy. This is the reason that the sale of drones has also increased globally. Figures from 2021 to 2022 show that drone sales increased by 57 percent globally. Countries from small to large are racing to buy drones because without answering to any other country or international authority, each country is free to decide when and where to fly drones.

It is also an interesting fact that every country is using drones according to their own interest. For example, China is using sophisticated drones for covert surveillance, especially in international waters, to patrol disputed islands in the South China Sea. China’s expanding drone program has also forced other countries like the US to invest more in the technology. In addition, Turkey’s military has a highly sophisticated drone, the Berkatar TB2, which is capable of carrying laser-guided bombs and is small enough to fit into a flatbed truck. At the same time, the United Arab Emirates imports drones from China and Turkey to deploy in Yemen and Libya to keep an eye on all sides in case of war. In addition, South Korea is considering launching a specialized drone unit, as it has failed to respond to recent North Korean drone intrusions. Let us tell you that when North Korea deployed five drones towards its southern neighbor in December 2022, South Korea had to land its fighter jets to warn. As far as the use of drones by the US is concerned, Ukraine has been given a large number of state-of-the-art drones, as well as the US being involved in foreign operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other conflict zones and the father of drone warfare. There is also expansion.

However, you must have read a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of drones, but at present there are more reports of losses. If seen, everyone talks about making national and international rules of the sky for the use of drones, but no one takes the initiative. In addition, governments are reluctant to release drone data to protect their national sovereignty. The world needs new and consistent rules on the use of drones for the coming decade, but when no one is taking the initiative, terrorists are taking advantage of this.

-Neeraj Kumar Dubey

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