Due to excessive enthusiasm, BJP may not make the same mistake as it did during the 2004 elections!

There is a story, Gajraj of Devraj Indra often used to come to a field on Earth to eat sugarcane. The owner of that field was very worried because even though his crop was damaged, he could not find any footprints of the thief. One night, the angry farmer hid in the field to catch the thief. When Gajraj descended to earth, the farmer caught hold of Airavat’s tail. Gajraj got scared and to save his life he immediately flew towards Indralok and along with him the farmer also flew away holding his tail. Gajraj was worried that all dignity would be broken if the living person reached heaven, so he worked hard to free his tail. While flying, Gajrat sometimes turned upside down and sometimes shook his body, but with each blow, the farmer’s grip became stronger. Now Gajraj used a trick and changed his strategy. He started talking to the farmer. Airavat asked how do you grow such sweet sugarcane? The farmer became proud after hearing his boast and told him the whole technique. While talking, both of them became friends. Seeing the opportunity, Airavat said, whatever sugarcane I have eaten from your field till date, I will talk to Maharaj Indradev and get you that much gold as a reward. As soon as he heard the name of gold, the farmer became so happy that he started clapping, as soon as he opened his hands to clap, it fell on the earth with a thud and Mr. Gajraj departed to heaven. The farmer who, during the fight with the elephant, held on to its tail even in difficult circumstances, fell to the ground with a thud as soon as the conditions became favourable. The dangers of unfavorable circumstances are well known, but the story tells that even favorable circumstances are not free from danger, a person struggles in adverse circumstances, but due to changes in the environment, he often becomes inattentive and makes a mistake here.

Lok Sabha elections have been announced in the country. Today the circumstances are said to be in favor of the National Democratic Alliance led by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. At present, India is developing at a rapid pace, the economy is booming, India is moving forward with the aim of indigenous and self-reliance, the country is getting success on foreign and diplomatic fronts or if we talk about cultural upliftment and communal harmony, then after some bickering, more or less every The opposition also believes that the tenure of the present government has been good. Encouraged by these circumstances, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has this time given an enthusiastic slogan of ‘four hundred times’, from the point of view of those in power, there are bombs everywhere, it is only from here that the sequence of favorable circumstances creating danger can begin. The overenthusiastic BJP should not forget that even in the year 2004, it had the shadow of charismatic leadership like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani, just like Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. In those Lok Sabha elections, an attractive slogan of Bharat Uday was given, economy and development were still competing with deer herds to pay taxes, but from the party’s point of view the results were disappointing. By taking small parties together, the then Congress President Sonia Gandhi defeated the NDA in such a way that the Congress government remained in power at the Center for the next ten years.

Admittedly, such a warning is not being given for the first time and the BJP leadership may not have learned anything from this episode, but despite this, the party will have to maintain the path of struggle at all costs. Anyway, the difference between Modi-Shah’s Jugalbandhi and Atal-Advani duo’s functioning like that of Gandhiji and Sardar Patel is well known and in the shaky condition of the opposition, repeating 2004 does not seem possible at the moment, but BJP will have to maintain its fighting methodology.

Only BJP and Left parties in the country have the credit of being worker based parties. Identifying the qualities of a worker, building a worker, giving him work as per his interest and capacity and giving him full respect along with constant contact with the public is considered to be the authentic functioning of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The party has progressed from the cradle to the Parliament using this method. Today, even though BJP’s goal may seem simple, the path is not so easy that four hundred members can be sworn in in the Lok Sabha without any struggle. Even though Congress is looking weak, many satraps including Trinamool Congress, SP, DMK, AIADMK, BSP, Aam Aadmi Party, PDP, National Conference are firmly established in their respective areas. At some places, these Subedars are going to give a tough test to the BJP by meeting on the platform of India Alliance. On the other hand, India, which is moving on the path of development and self-reliance, has become an eyesore for many powers. India, which was the world’s largest importer of arms, has today started exporting military material. How can the domestic and foreign arms lobby tolerate this? Wouldn’t the lakhs of foreign NGOs whose shops were closed in the country after the ban want a change in power? In view of all this, BJP will have to enter the elections with full force following its methodology and beware of the dangers of favoritism.

-Rakesh Sain

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