During the chairmanship of SCO, India has left the mark of its leadership in the whole world.


Countries like China and Pakistan have laid a chessboard even on a meaningful platform like SCO, in fact the whole world has become a chessboard and everyone is playing with their own pieces and their own moves. In the chess of the world, the horse moves straight and the elephant moves crooked.

If the member countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation-SCO want, they can rejuvenate this world. Universal, everlasting and universal resolution of non-violent world creation, terror-free world, economic progress, mutual trade and equitable world can be shaped, but it is not possible because of two countries China and Pakistan. Pakistan is not desisting from carrying out terrorist activities in the neighboring country, while China is continuously disrespecting its expansionist activities, economic ambitions, borders of other countries. Perhaps it is because of this that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the presence of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, at the SCO summit held on Tuesday this week, said in strong and bold words, ‘Terrorism in any form, its SCO. There should be condemnation in one voice from the stage. There is no place for double standards in this.

The challenges of terrorism, expansionism, extremism and separatism are increasing in the world. It is possible to establish peace, peace, balanced development and equality in the world only by finding solutions to these challenges. For this, SCO is a capable platform, its member countries account for about 40 percent of the world’s population and about 24 percent of the world’s total trade takes place between these countries. If the member countries of the organization cooperate with each other and are determined, then this group can become a huge economic force. The problem is that China is not ready to give up its expansionist policies while Pakistan is not ready to stop cultivating terrorism. Both Pakistan and China keep trying to give one wound after another to India. The border standoff in eastern Ladakh is one such attempt by China. If India, Russia and China become a triangle of mutual cooperation, then no power will stand in front of this triangle. Unless Pakistan and China give up their policies, SCO will not be able to achieve its real objectives.

Countries like China and Pakistan have laid a chessboard even on a meaningful platform like SCO, in fact the whole world has become a chessboard and everyone is playing with their own pieces and their own moves. In the chess of the world, the horse moves straight and the elephant moves crooked. Let us not blame the stamps. Pieces are not moved. Some terrorist and expansionist forces play their tricks in the name of peace and cooperation. Those who allow their pawns to die to save their horses, camels and elephants. But the third superpower among these Eurasian countries is India, which is not allowing their efforts to succeed. The way India distanced itself from the mention of China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative ie BRI in the joint statement issued by the SCO is not surprising, but it shows its far-reaching and sensible thinking. China has invested billions of dollars in this project. He is engaged in providing loans to weak countries to become number one in the world. Today, many African countries including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar are knocking at the door of the pauper due to this alleged cheap loan. India has been opposing this project since its inception. In fact, it was the first country to oppose the project when all the big and small countries were supporting it. How can China think that India will support its project. A part of this project of China is to pass through the occupied part of Pakistan, which is the territory of India. Although China is well aware of this fact, it continues to ignore India’s sovereignty due to its obstinate attitude. China is following a double faced and divisive policy in this matter. On the one hand, it wants other countries including India to cooperate with it, on the other hand, it is engaged in making holes in India itself. How can India stand with such plans and policies? His protest is justified. China has to understand India’s opposition.

The problem is not only the BRI project in the name of China connectivity, it is also the matter of Pakistan sponsored terrorism, which is against the basic spirit of SCO. China is blindly supporting and supporting Pakistan, which nurtures terrorist organizations. In this way, there is a need to be alert and careful with the countries using this platform for their selfishness and policies. China also shamelessly defends those terrorists of Pakistan, on whom the UN Security Council wants to ban. He has so far become the shield of four-five terrorist leaders of Pakistan, whom the United Nations Security Council tried to ban. Because of this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his resolve to build a terror-free world. He lashed out at both the countries and made it clear that how they are giving food and water to terrorism. Given that China is engaged in adopting a double attitude on terrorism and ignoring the integrity of neighboring countries, it is unlikely that mutual trust, unanimity and common thinking will be established among the SCO member countries. Russia is also lost. India is the only country that stands firm with its resolve, Modi said, citing ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ to present India’s liberal vision. Modi said, ‘India considers countries around the world as one family.’ He said that India has treated the SCO not as an ‘extended neighborhood’ but as an ‘extended family’. This is why this SCO organization has been saved from being an ineffective organization like SAARC.

Overall, the differences between the big countries have come to the fore in the SCO meetings. Now the big question is that how the member countries of SCO will cooperate with each other when their personal interests are coming in the way. At the time of the establishment of the SCO organization, it was resolved that if its members work together without selfishness and narrow-mindedness, then they can challenge the economy of the western countries. If the member countries of the organization want to become an economic power, then they have to respect each other’s feelings and interests and also respect each other’s sovereignty and borders. But China and Pakistan are the biggest obstacles in this. But countries like India will have to be active in this and make a commitment to strengthen the identity and existence of this organization. India does not accept pressure from anyone in the interest of its country. India is a neutral country, India itself took the initiative to add Iran to this organization. Iran’s entry into the SCO organization is giving birth to many new possibilities. Not only India but also Central Asian countries will get opportunities to do easy business from its Chabahar port. Along with economic contribution, India has also given technical and engineering cooperation in the construction of Chabahar port. SCO can be given more significance and strength only by coming forward with such objectives.

-Lalit Garg

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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