During the Rajya Sabha elections in UP, BJP is once again seen defeating SP.


BJP and Samajwadi Party have decided their candidates for the vacant Rajya Sabha seats from Uttar Pradesh. BJP’s national spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi, State General Secretary Amarpal Maurya, RPN Singh, who was a minister in the UPA government and joined BJP after leaving Congress, BJP’s former Agra Mayor Naveen Jain, former Ghazipur Sadar MLA Sangeeta Balwant Bind, former Mughalsarai MLA Sadhna Singh. And former Mathura MP Tejveer Singh has also been made a candidate. Considering the number of BJP members in the UP Assembly, it is certain that all the BJP candidates will be elected as Rajya Sabha members. If we talk about caste mathematics, BJP has made candidates of one Brahmin, one Vaishya, one Thakur and four backward people (Kurmi, Maurya, Jat and Bind) to solve the caste equation. BJP candidates can file nomination on Vasant Panchami day, 14th February.

If we talk about Samajwadi Party candidates, according to sources, Samajwadi Party can again send its flamboyant Rajya Sabha member Jaya Bachchan to Rajya Sabha. Apart from this, there is a strong discussion about making SP national general secretary and five-time MP Salim Sherwani and former Mainpuri MP Tej Pratap Singh Yadav as candidates. However, only two SP candidates are said to have easy victory chances. The last day for nomination is 15th February.

It is noteworthy that out of the 10 vacant seats of Rajya Sabha, 9 are with BJP and one with SP. From the latest equation being formed, it is considered certain that BJP will win 07 seats. SP’s victory on two seats is considered certain. A seat screw is stuck. BJP wants to put this also in its pocket. After Rashtriya Lok Dal joining hands with BJP, the fight to win the eighth seat has become much easier for BJP. For the last two days, discussions were intense about RLD joining hands with BJP. After Chaudhary Charan Singh got Bharat Ratna, now RLD chief Jayant Chaudhary has also started saying that how can BJP be refused after Chaudhary Charan Singh was given Bharat Ratna. PM has left no stone unturned. The special thing is that till yesterday there was no support or denial of this discussion from Jayant Chaudhary or RLD, but now Jayant’s language has completely changed. With Jayant changing sides, the mathematics of the Rajya Sabha elections being held on 10 seats in UP also seems to be changing. Members of the Legislative Assembly are voters for the Rajya Sabha elections. At present the total number of members of the Assembly is 399. According to the formula of minimum votes to get elected in Rajya Sabha, this time 37 MLAs will be required to win one seat. According to this, in the current situation, BJP alliance is in a position to win 7 seats and SP alliance is in a position to easily win 3 seats, but this was possible only if RLD’s alliance with SP remains intact.

If we talk about the mathematics of votes, NDA currently has 277 votes including its allies. In such a situation, after allotting the quota of 37 to everyone, he will be left with 18 extra votes. Jansatta Dal has till now been with BJP in the Upper House elections. Therefore, their two votes are also sure to go with the ruling party. In such a situation, BJP will have 20 additional votes. At the same time, the opposition alliance currently has 119 MLAs. Even after allotment of quota, at this time they will be left with 6 additional MLAs. If RLD joins NDA, the number of MLAs with SP alliance will reduce to 110. SP will need one more MLA to make its third candidate victorious, which will not be difficult to find, if not easy. By including RLD, BJP will have 29 additional votes. Now if BJP fields its eighth candidate, the decision will be taken through second preference votes, which will increase the chances for the ruling alliance. At present, 10 pamphlets have been purchased by BJP.

-Ajay Kumar

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