E-challan has been deducted? If you do not have money now, then pay after 90 days, all the work will be done sitting at home through virtual court – what is virtual court and how to pay e challan through this check process


You must have heard about traffic e-challan. Nowadays, the traffic police is issuing challans by taking photos from cameras. This is also known only when the message of the challan comes to our number. For complete information, you can visit the Transport Service Portal or mParivahan App. Whereas, the people of Delhi can check the details of the challan by visiting the Delhi Traffic Police Portal.

Now you must have heard about virtual court. Whenever your challan is deducted, after 60 days from the date of fine, the e-challan goes to the virtual court.

What is Virtual Court: First of all, let us tell you the meaning of virtual court. A virtual court service was introduced in 2021 for people to pay challans without going anywhere. Once the challan is generated, vehicle owners get about 60 days to pay it through Parivahan Seva Portal, mParivahan App or Delhi Traffic Police website. If the challan is not paid during these times, it goes to the virtual court.

Invoice will not be deducted if DL, RC is not there! Only WhatsApp will work

What is the advantage of virtual court: From here you get 90 days to pay the challan. If the challan is not paid even during this time then legal proceedings start, after this the owner of the vehicle has to go to the physical court with the lawyer to secure his challan. At the same time, in some cases the amount of the challan is reduced here.

How to make payment in virtual court:

  • For this, first of all you have to go to the portal. After login you will see the challan status. You have to make the payment through Virtual Court Portal only.
  • To access the virtual court portal, one has to go to
  • Here a drop down menu will be given in which you have to select your state. Then click on the Proceed Now button.
  • Now search your challan. For this, you have to search the details by entering your mobile number, CNR number, party number, challan or vehicle number. After entering captcha you will get OTP. Enter it.
  • When you login, you will see all the pending challans. Check status here and see updated amount.
  • There will be a View button on the top right corner of the challan. Click on it and here you choose payment or contest. Scroll down and choose an option from the following.
  1. I wish to pay the proposed fine: Select this if you want to pay the challan.
  2. I wish to contest the case: Select this if you have been wrongly invoiced. My mobile number is incorrect. I wish to pay the fine by verifying Engine No and Chassis No: You can choose to verify the Engine No and Chassis No if the number is incorrect.
  3. No and Chassis No: If your phone number is wrong then you can file a case.
  • Whichever option you choose, you will have to do verification based on that.
  • If you choose Payment or Contest, then you will have to verify with OTP through phone number. For the remaining two options, you will have to verify the last 4 digits of the chassis and engine number. Along with this, name and mobile number have to be entered. Then OTP will come, enter it.
  • After verification you will be given payment options from which you can choose anything and make the payment. You will also get a confirmation message after the payment is done.

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