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Before issuing the code of conduct for the upcoming Lok Sabha and assembly elections of four states, the Election Commission of India has Issuing a strict advisory to the parties and their leaders, the Commission has said that they should not ask for votes on the basis of caste, religion and language, should not ridicule the relationship between the devotee and God or should not cite divine wrath. And strict instructions have also been given to the leaders that instead of moral condemnation, strict action will be taken against the candidates and star campaigners who violate the code of conduct. Apart from this, temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras or any other place of worship should not be used for election campaigning.

According to a Commission official, this consultation has now formally set the stage for ethical political discussion in view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and has curbed the possibility of chaos in the 2024 general elections. According to the official, the systematic approach towards violations of the election code of conduct has prepared the ground for a civilized election campaign. As per the consultation of the Commission, the star campaigners and candidates who have received the notice earlier. He will face strict action for repeated violations of the model code of conduct. Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar recently stressed that political parties should promote ethical and respectful political discourse that inspires rather than divides, promotes ideas rather than personal attacks.

The commission said it has warned political parties to maintain decorum in election campaigning and impose additional responsibility on star campaigners and candidates, especially those who were issued notices in the past. Apart from this, the Election Commission called upon the parties to raise the level of election campaign to issue-based debate and said that political parties and their leaders should not make statements without factual basis and should not mislead the voters. Social media activities have also been included in the advisory. It says that posts defaming or insulting rivals and insulting dignity or such material should not be shared.

How much the political parties implement the instructions given by the Election Commission will be known only in the coming elections, but I would definitely like to share with you the sarcastic comments made on social media regarding the role of political parties and leaders during election days. . Where is any human being visible in Daur-e-Election?

Some appear to be Hindu, some Dalit and some Muslim. When the election period passes from the areas, then every person seems to be worried about bread.

There is something special in this democracy,

There is something in this enchanting mantra!

I vote for beggars,

Become a fucking emperor,

And every time, we remain at the same place..!! Every time we are left to paint our fingers!

To make new fakirs emperors!

Whoever has made the above comment on the current electoral system, he is thanked and political parties and leaders are requested to see Indians as Indians and not on the basis of caste, sect or region and language because India is above all these. When we will contest elections as Indians, then perhaps even the Election Commission will not need to give the above kind of instructions.

-Irwin Khanna, Editor-in-Chief, Dainik Uttam Hindu.

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