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Vidya Bharti in Jalandhar and N.I.T. With the help of both N.I.T. The Shiksha Mahakumbh, which will run from June 9 to 11, has started in the campus. More than 20,000 people associated with the world of education from different regions of the country are participating in it. 5 lakh people are participating online. The aim of Shiksha Mahakumbh is to brainstorm about the new education policy of New India.

The meaning of education in simple language is to learn and teach but what to learn and what should be taught and what should be the method of teaching is a very complicated question. Man is a social animal and therefore education is also directly related to the society. Education runs from the society, for the society and by the society.

Society is dynamic so education is also dynamic. Time and circumstances have an effect on this as well. The way stagnant water stinks, in the same way those traditions which become useless with time become a burden on the society. Therefore, to move forward, we have to embrace both openness and change. Shiksha Mahakumbh is being organized keeping in view the time and circumstances. The goal is to give a new shape to the education system of India so that our children can face the world by connecting with Indian civilization and culture.

Regarding Shiksha Mahakumbh, Vidya Bharti North Region Organization Minister Vijay Nadda says that the theme of all the three days will be different and in this, on June 10, the ancient Indian education system, which is praised by the whole world, should be implemented according to the present circumstances, 11 The theme of June will be ‘Skill India’, under which we should become job creators and not job seekers, the main theme of June 12 will be ‘coordination between school and higher education’.

Vidya Bharti Punjab’s Organization Minister Rajendra Kumar and Dr. Thakur Sudesha Raunija of Shiksha Mahakumbh are playing a special role along with Vijay Nadda to make Shiksha Mahakumbh a success. Along with these honorable people, others who are working behind the scenes, they all deserve congratulations because this is such a pious and pious work, which is going to affect not only the present but also the future of the country in a positive way.

Today, when we want to see India as a world guru, then we need to be careful about Indian thinking. Due to our indifference towards Indian thought, it did not get the respect it should have received at the national and world level. The main reason behind this indifference is our slave mentality. Due to centuries of slavery, we have been cut off from our glorious past in a way.

The goal of Shiksha Mahakumbh is to connect us with our past, understand the present and make the future bright. If we go back to the Vedic period, we will find that a person associated with nature, who sees God in the form of water, air and fire, asks God to give me the virtue of hands along with good sense. May my vision be like an eagle and speed like a horse, patience like a cow. Coming to Treta, Dwapar, then in Ramayana and Mahabharata everything is found which is required for the development of a person, society or nation. Guru Granth Sahib was composed in Kali Yuga. Along with ‘Man Nivan Mat Ucchi’, our Gurus gave the message of ‘Naam chanting, Krit Karne and Vand Chhane’.

At the national and international level, Indian thought did not get the recognition it should have received. Western thought and education system were imposed on us even after independence, due to which the skill of the hands in the country kept decreasing and the clerk or white-collar kept on increasing.

Vidya Bharati Institute and N.I.T. This Shiksha Mahakumbh, which is being organized with the cooperation of both Jalandhar, the first session of which was inaugurated by Union Minister Anurag Thakur and the second session was done by Vijay Sampla, Chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes. Their aim is to brainstorm on their ancient education system and mold it according to today’s time. Is.

Many congratulations and best wishes to the organizers of Shiksha Mahakumbh, we hope that our young generation will take full advantage of the butter and ghee in the form of education that came out after churning and the country will move towards becoming a world leader.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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