Exclusive: This is the reason why I don’t take The Best Actor Award…Know why Kay Kay Menon said this


Actor KK Menon, one of the capable actors of Hindi cinema, will soon be seen in the film Love All. Releasing in theaters on September 1, this film is about the journey and difficulties of badminton players. This is also an emotional story of a father and son. In conversation with Urmila Kori on Kay Kay Menon’s association and preparations for this film.

Love All is a film based on badminton, how will this film promote the game?

This is a very beautiful game, with the beauty with which it is played. It is never presented with that beauty, especially in cinema it has never been able to come. The country has got many special glory in badminton. When the director of this film said this to me, I felt that a film should be made on it. Apart from this, the director of this film Sudhanshu Sharma has been a badminton player, so he was also introduced to the nuances related to this game.

What is your approach while playing a character?

Whenever I connect with a character, I try to understand the person I am playing. I just like the script, after that I don’t think about anything else. I just bring the best out of myself in that character.

How important is the director?

It matters a lot, because your first interaction is with the director. You immediately understand how much wavelength will be available and how much mutual understanding is going to be there. All this matters a lot. Of course, you write the story very well, but when you come to execute it, it does not go out of your hands, but in this film there is a badminton star and whatever troubles the actor faces during this, director Sudhanshu knew because he I myself have been a badminton player, so my job became easier.

During a film, did you feel that a film was being made that was different from the script?

This has happened many times.

In such a situation, as an actor, does the interest related to the project end?

I can’t afford that. Even a losing match has to be played. I never leave the film even after knowing defeat. I try hard from my side. There were many such films which came on the floor, so I liked it very much, but on the third day of shooting, you understand that this film is going to sink, but as a professional, you want to give your best and I I do the same

What is your definition of winner?

Winner is a temporary phase. Next time you might even lose. Victory is momentary. You are not the best. There will be someone better than you and someone better than that. This is the reason why I do not take The Best award. I do not believe that the best happens somewhere. This is a subjective matter in special art. Somebody likes it. No one knows. What is the best? You can always get the award as a token of appreciation, but saying the best is just to pamper your ego and nothing else.

Nawaz said that it is difficult to act with children, how difficult was it for you to be a child artist in this film?

Not with children of the age of the child in this film, but with very young children, who speak Pup, it is difficult with them. We have to work hard for his good take and when he gets a good take, he spoils our take. It is right only by crying, that’s why it is difficult with children. Acting with children and animals is difficult because they all take the same thing. The child of this film is big. All the children who will be seen in this film are badminton players in real life.

How attached are you to the game of badminton?

Once upon a time he used to play, then he got inclined towards tennis. Now it is difficult because this game is tough. I have a lot of love for sports and I have great respect for sportspersons.

How were you involved with sports in your childhood?

I was a sprinter. Those times were such that people used to give a lot of importance to sports and sports required a lot of hard work, so it ended automatically. (Laughs) After that I started using it to run away from something.

Badminton star Pullela Gopichand is associated with this film as a presenter.

It was a coincidence. The trailer of the film reached him and he requested to see the film. Everyone knows what badminton means to him. Seeing the film, he felt that this film can bring awareness about this game among youth and parents, so he joined this film as a presenter.

Do films have the potential to bring about change?

Can change some people, but cannot bring any wave of change. Film comes in that area of ​​life, where when your basic needs are over, I had said the same thing ten years ago that when there is a crisis, the first thing that gets removed from priority is cinema. This thing has also been proved in Kovid, so everyone associated with the film world should be generous. It is not bread, clothes and house. This is that art, when you have time, money and conditions are right, then only you enjoy. We should stop considering ourselves as God.

How satisfied are you with your career so far?

I don’t have any goal that I got it. Couldn’t find it. I take it like life, I just want to give my best to what I am getting.

Most of the OTTs have given me different opportunities as an actor, otherwise I was forced to become a villain in films, because that was the only medium.

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