Farmers are just shields, the intentions of this organized mobocracy seem to be something else.

Farmers have again started the movement to march to Delhi. Several rounds of meetings between Central Government ministers and their representatives have also failed. Meanwhile, this farmers’ movement is continuously appearing in new twists and colors. If we look at the demands of the farmers, many subject experts related to farmers and economy have clarified that most of these demands are technically and experimentally such that it is not possible to fulfill them. Moreover, they are going to have adverse impact on the country’s economy and policies. At present, if we talk about the Minimum Support Price (MSP) given by the Central Government on 22 crops, then it is 2 percent of the country’s GDP. Whereas 1.7 percent is allocated for the country’s defense budget and 2.1 percent of GDP is allocated for important sectors like health. Also, the maximum share of MSP goes into the accounts of 43 lakh 33 thousand farmers of Punjab. Therefore, the main issue remains to be seen in the future, what decision the Central Government takes regarding MSP on all crops. But amidst all this, the manner in which this farmers’ movement is moving towards unrest. Questions are being raised about its intentions.

In fact, the entire country always stood together in issues related to the interest of its farmers. It is also necessary that the Central and State Governments take adequate steps to improve the condition and direction of the farmers. Develop such policies and procedures by which farmers can move towards prosperity. If the movements related to farmers are carried out in a peaceful manner, then unity is seen in it. At the same time, its positive results also emerge. But at present the movement carried out by the Sikh farmers of Punjab seems to have completely deviated from its path and objective. In this farmer’s movement, ‘farmer’ is becoming secondary and planned politics is being seen at its peak.

This currently visible pattern has emerged in recent years in the form of ‘mobocracy’. Who considers it his right to defy law and order and create nuisance in any way, anywhere. After all, what kind of movements and demonstrations are these? Those who stand against law and order by creating violence and mischief. An organized crowd surrounds any road or place anywhere. Normal life is thrown into disarray by severely disrupting traffic. Can doing this in the name of any movement be justified?

At present, the kind of environment that the Sikh farmers of Punjab have created in the name of the movement. Due to this, their activities are not being seen as farmer friendly but rather suspicious and politically motivated. The way disturbance was created in the name of Tractor March on the occasion of Republic Day on 26th January in the year 2021. Delhi was taken hostage by creating armed violence and mayhem. Flags with religious symbols were hoisted in the Red Fort and policemen were subjected to violence. Traffic was severely disrupted. An attempt was made to derail normal life. Exactly similar scenes have started appearing again. Rather, acts with more dangerous intentions are continuously coming to light. The kind of scenes and situations emerging from the Haryana border will shock anyone. In this farmers’ movement, photos of Khalistani terrorist Bhindranwale and songs in support of Khalistan are seen being played. Big balloons with Khalistan Zindabad written on them are being flown in the sky.

To maintain law and order on the Haryana border, the police have set up barricades. Other protective measures are also in place. But in the name of the movement, organized gangs are carrying out stone pelting and armed attacks on the police force at any time. Slogans calling for violence and hate speeches are being given against the police force. Not only this, videos from Khanauri border also surfaced on other social media platforms including Twitter (X) in which farmers were seen firing sticks at the police. Also, the police were being attacked with such firecrackers which explode at a distance. Looking at these scenes, it seems as if this is not a farmers’ movement but a declaration of war against law and order and the government.

Not only this, in the name of this farmers’ movement, statements inspired by hatred and violence are also being made against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Slogans and speeches giving threats to kill Modi are being given. A video of Sidhupur head Jagjit Singh Dallewal, considered a big face of this movement, went viral. In this video, Dallewal is saying that after the construction of Ram Mandir, the graph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi had increased a lot, it has to be brought down. Time is short. Similarly, another farmer leader was seen linking this movement to the opposition’s fight, OPS, Agniveer etc. Is the threat to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi and violent rhetoric against him the goal of the farmers’ movement? Is reducing Modi’s popularity and serving political objectives the theme of this farmers’ movement? In such a situation, can it be called a farmers movement?

If we look at the farmers’ movement, it is surprising to see new tractors worth lakhs of rupees, expensive sound systems, luxury facilities, keeping tractor trolley as a vanity ban. ‘Poklane machines’ are being brought in to break the protective arrangements of the police to maintain law and order. These Poklane machines are the same machines which are used in breaking mountains, making tunnels etc. Will all these works being done in the name of farmers’ movement be called legitimate from any point of view? It is a matter for consideration that whatever is happening in the name of farmer movement, is it farmer friendly? Are farmers visible anywhere in these? Are all these talks, scenes and actions not politically motivated – ‘suspicious’ scenes coming to the fore? The questions are also whether anarchy and violence can be justified in the name of farmers’ movement? The way an organized mob in the name of movement is standing against the law and order of the country. Violent activities being carried out should not be called anti-national? Has our Constitution given us permission to create disturbance, violence and disrupt common life in the name of movement?

Along with this, the manner in which suspicious anti-India activities are taking place in this movement. In such a situation, are foreign powers also involved in this movement? Has the George Soros gang entered this movement? Has the anti-India toolkit gang become active again? Who is using this movement as a shield to break the law and order of India?

Is this movement being run to create an atmosphere against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections? Many such questions are being raised due to the suspicious activities of this farmer movement. The only conclusion that emerges from all these statements is that ‘farmers’ are only there as shields. The intentions of this organized mobocracy are different and they are gathering together to capitalize on the farmers’ movement.

-Krishnamurari Tripathi Atal

(Literature, Columnist and Journalist)

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