Father means hope and faith!


Father’s Day, which is celebrated in honor of the father on the third Sunday of June, is this time on 18th June. The tradition of celebrating this day started from 19 June 1910. When Sonora Dad of Spokane city of Washington celebrated the first Father’s Day in 1909 taking inspiration from Mother’s Day. The then US President Woodrow Wilson recognized it in 1916, then in 1924, President Colvin Coolidge declared Father’s Day a national event and in 1966, Lyndon Johnson established the tradition of celebrating it on the third Sunday of June, but it was officially recognized in 1972.

most reliable father Even in the midst of broken relationships, the father’s relationship is still strong. The thing about this precious relationship is such that as soon as they come close to the father, the children feel as if they have come under the shade of a banyan tree, they have got an impenetrable shield which no power of the world can penetrate.

Relationship of Dignity: Today when relations are breaking and disintegrating, even then there has not been much difference in the relationship between father and child and this relationship has maintained its dignity. Even though there has been a change in this relationship with time, but even today, in any corner of the world, father’s relationship is not only seen with respect, but it is such a relationship which is fully trusted even today. .

Most High Father Among the two persons who have the most influence on any child in life, the influence of the father along with the mother is maximum. The importance of father is hardly anywhere else as it is in India. Here father’s place is higher than the sky, no matter what the reason may be, father is still the hero of every child.

Prana resides in children: Even today father, abbu or papa is the person on whom the whole family blindly trusts, they take the biggest risk for the safety of the children. Father does not hesitate to do anything for the career, progress, comfort and happiness of the children. There are thousands of examples in history where fathers want to see their dreams come true through their children. Be it Dhritarashtra or Dashrath Vasudev or Motilal Nehru, Ibrahim Lincoln or Obama, every father wants to fulfill every wish of his children and in return, all he wants is that his children fulfill their dreams by making their name famous. But, sometimes imposing one’s dreams on the children also has the opposite effect, as in Mahabharata, Dhritarashtra imposes his unfulfilled desires and dreams on Duryodhan, then the ambitious Duryodhan goes on doing wrong things, as a result, he is killed along with his hundred brothers. .

Fathers are wise: Being a ‘Papa’ does not mean imposing your dreams on your children, but making them identify right from wrong, showing them the right path, guiding them to reach their destination. If the father makes the mistake of imposing all his thoughts on the child, then the child’s personality gets frustrated and no sensible father wants that.

Father from Coconut: It is often seen that the distance of children from their father increases as they grow up, the reason being that the father is stricter than the mother. Fathers often do not take their children for granted and want an explanation on everything from them, fathers are logical but remember fathers are like coconuts or creamrolls who may be hard from outside but soft and friendly from inside. If there are, look at father from this point of view.

understand the feeling As a child, we have to understand that Papa does not mean any bank’s ATM, from which only money is withdrawn, as he understands our feelings, we should also respect his feelings. Just as he gave us everything we needed in our youth, in the same way it is our duty to take care of him in our old age.

make dreams come true : How good would it be on this day that we give such a wonderful gift to our father that he can say ‘I am proud of you my son’, this can be given by fulfilling any of his unfulfilled dreams, do not forget that as your father, Happy Birthday It is your responsibility to make them happy by celebrating Father’s Day in the same way they celebrate.

make papa happy : Anyway, it is not a difficult task to please father, to make him happy, do the work of his choice, as a gift, a nice tie or even a handkerchief is enough to make him happy, in his room early in the morning. Keep a bouquet of fragrant fragrance or serve hot breakfast of his choice with your own hands on coming from office, father becomes happy in this.

give great happiness : If you want to give great happiness, then make promotion in your career in his name, take him with you on occasions of happiness and pride, take blessings by touching his feet every morning. So father will say wah-wah. If you bring your salary and keep it in your father’s hands, then your father will definitely be happy. Give them their medicines on time with your own hands or remind them by phone if they are in office, gift them a nice phone to stay in constant touch. It is better that to take special care of father’s health, he should get a good insurance policy done.

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