FD Interest Rate: Yes Bank revised interest on FD, check latest interest rate


Yes Bank revises FD interest rates: Private sector bank Yes Bank has revised the interest rates on fixed deposits.

According to the bank’s website, the new rates have come into effect from October 4. The bank is offering FD ranging from 7 days to 120 months. Banks are offering interest ranging from 3.25 percent to 7 percent. The bank has revised its rates before the MPC meeting of RBI.

New rates on Yes Bank FD- These rates are on FD less than Rs 2 crore.

7 days to 14 days: 3.25 percent (General Public)/ 3.75 percent (Senior Citizens)

15 days to 45 days: 3.70 percent (General Public)/4.20 percent (Senior Citizens)

46 days to 90 days: 4.10 percent (General Public)/4.60 percent (Senior Citizens)

91 days to 120 days: 4.75 percent (General Public)/5.25 percent (Senior Citizens)

120 days to 180 days: 5% (General Public)/5.50% (Senior Citizens)

181 days to 271 days: 6.10 percent (General Public)/ 6.60 percent (Senior Citizens)

272 days to less than 1 year: 6.35 percent (General Public)/ 6.85 percent (Senior Citizens)

1 year to 18 months: 7.25 percent (General Public)/ 7.75 percent (Senior Citizens)

18 months to less than 24 months: 7.50 percent (General Public)/ 7.75 percent (Senior Citizens)

24 months 1 day to less than 36 months: 7.25 percent (General Public) / 7.75 percent (Senior Citizens)

36 months to 60 months: 7.25 percent (General Public)/ 7.75 percent (Senior Citizens).

60 months: 7.25 percent (General Public)/ 7.75 percent (Senior Citizens)

60 Months 1 Day to 120 Months: 7% (General Public)/ 7.50% (Senior Citizens)

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