Feature phones in the age of smartphones! Ambani did not play the bet just like that, know the complete strategy


Mukesh Ambani, one of the world’s richest personality, has launched the cheapest feature phone for Rs 999. However, the question arises that in the era of smartphones, what is the reason for Jio to launch a cheap feature phone? When the country is moving towards 5G and 6G and people are buying smartphones fiercely. How fair is it to bet on 4G smartphones and feature phones in such times?Reason for launching feature phone?
However, there is a bigger motive behind Mukesh Ambani launching a smartphone for Rs 999. Actually Mukesh Ambani knows that about 25 crore people in the country are currently using 2G service on feature. Mukesh Ambani is targeting these users, who were working with feature phones and 2G service due to not being able to buy expensive smartphones and recharge. With this phone, the slogan of 2G free India has been given by Jio.

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It is not a loss but a profit deal
Suppose if 25 crore 2G users buy Jio feature phone, then feature phone will make profit. Also, if you make a minimum recharge of Rs 123 in a year, then each user will spend around Rs 1,599 in a year. Same if 25 crore users give Rs 1,599 to Jio for Rs 123 in a year, then Jio company will get big benefit. The same smartphone sales will earn separately. Along with this, 4G users will shift to 5G in the coming days, so the future planning of the company is going to be very solid. Means Jio company is targeting not only the existing but also the potential users of the future.

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