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Johannesburg, 31 August (HS). A massive fire broke out in a multi-storey building in Johannesburg city of South Africa on Thursday morning. The fire was so horrific that more than 63 people have died. More than 40 scorched people have been taken to the hospital, out of which the condition of all the people is said to be serious. Due to the possibility of serious injured and people trapped in the building, the death toll is expected to increase.

A massive fire broke out in the business district building in the heart of downtown Johannesburg this morning. The flames were seen several kilometers away. Despite deployment of fire brigade personnel in large numbers, it became difficult to douse the fire. Dead bodies were coming out continuously. So far 63 bodies have been retrieved and more than forty people have been taken to the hospital in critical condition. As of now, the possibilities of finding the dead body inside the building have not been ruled out. That is why the officials have also expressed the possibility of increase in the number of dead.

Robert Mulaudzi, a spokesman for the Johannesburg Emergency Management Services, said fire brigade personnel were carrying out relief and rescue operations. The bodies that have been removed include a child. He said the building where the fire broke out was being used as an unofficial accommodation for the homeless and there was no official rent agreement for the same. Due to so many people being together in the building, there is also a problem in relief and rescue operations. The exact number of people living there could not be ascertained, but the officials said that more than two hundred people were still living there. The building in which the fire broke out is a five-storey building, officials said. The fire has been largely doused, but smoke is still billowing from the blackened building. The entry of common people was stopped around the building. Also, all people have been advised to stay away from the building.

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