Five conservative cardinals urge Pope to confirm gay, women’s education

Five conservative cardinals from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas have urged Pope Francis to reaffirm Catholic teaching on homosexuality and the role of women ahead of a major synod at the Vatican. Many such important issues will be discussed in the Synod to be held in Vatican. The cardinal published on Monday five questions he has submitted to Pope Francis. He also published an open letter to those of the Catholic faith, in which he outlined his concerns.

The cardinal said he considers it his duty to inform people of faith in the Catholic faith so they do not fall victim to “confusion, error and disappointment.” The letter and questions were first published two days before the synod on the blog of Vatican reporter Sandro Magister and Mesa. This Synod will last for three weeks. More than 450 bishops and laity will meet behind closed doors at the Vatican to outline the future of the Catholic Church. During this time, important issues such as the role of women in the future Church and LGBTQ+ Catholics will be points of discussion.

The Synod’s proposals regarding collegiality and broader participation have excited progressives but worried conservatives. Conservatives have warned that any changes could lead to schism. Conservative cardinals have asked the Pope to reaffirm that the Church cannot bless gay couples and that sex in any relationship other than marital relations between a man and a woman is a grave sin.

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