Floods and landslides due to heavy rains in South Korea, nine bodies were removed from the tunnel


The president’s office said Yoon asked officials to use all available resources to deal with the disaster.

Nine bodies were pulled out of 15 vehicles stuck in a waterlogged tunnel due to heavy rains in South Korea on Sunday. The officers provided this information. He told that many houses across the country have been damaged due to flash floods and landslides. Officials said 37 people have died in South Korea since July 9 in accidents caused by heavy rains and thousands have been forced to move to safer places. Seo Jeong-il, chief of the city’s fire department, told reporters that about 900 rescuers, including divers, were conducting rescue operations in the tunnel in Cheongju city. Several vehicles including a bus got stuck in this tunnel in the sudden flood on Saturday evening.

Fire officials estimate that the tunnel was flooded within two to three minutes. Pictures and videos from the scene shared on social media showed rescue workers pumping water out of the tunnel and divers moving in and out of the tunnel using rubber boats. Fire department official Yang Chan Mo said it would take several hours to drain all the water from the tunnel. He said, “The tunnel is filled with four to five meters of water, mud and debris. Rescuers are moving forward carefully so that no one trapped in the water gets washed away.” Seo said nine people have been rescued from the tunnel, while about 10 other missing people have not yet been traced, according to information provided by families and others. He said that exact information about the exact number of passengers trapped in the vehicles is not yet available.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Internal Security reported that more than 8,850 people have been evacuated to safer places and 27,260 families have been living without electricity for several days. About 50 roads have been damaged due to the rains and more than 100 houses have been destroyed. According to the ministry, at least 35 people are being treated. President Yoon Suk-yeol held an emergency meeting on Saturday to review the damage caused by rain-related incidents, floods and landslides on a train on his way to Poland after a trip to Ukraine, according to the presidential office. The president’s office said Yoon asked officials to use all available resources to deal with the disaster.

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