Follow these tips to look the most beautiful in the wedding party

The occasion should be of wedding party and do not show yourself better than others, how can it be. Although every woman wants to beautify herself for marriage and on any special occasion, but when the days are winter, special attention should be paid to the hairstyle along with the skin. Come, let’s know what kind of look you should adopt in the wedding party so that you can look different from others: this is how to make your skin glow

To bring glow to the skin, mix powdered milk, almonds, rice powder and rose petals in a clean cloth. Gently rub it on the skin while taking a bath. Due to this the skin looks soft, soft and attractive. It naturally leaves the skin fragrant and fresh.

Multani mitti is a great option for cleansing and brightening the skin. For oily skin, prepare a paste by mixing rose water in multani mitti and apply it on the face. Avoid applying around the eyes and on the lips. Wash your face when it dries. For combination skin, apply the mask to the oily areas of the skin. Make a paste by mixing sandalwood powder, rose water and neem leaves powder in it for pimples and pimples. Then apply on the face and wash it when it dries.

hair care :

Mix 1 teaspoon of vinegar in 1 teaspoon of almond oil. Massage the hair with this. Then wrap a hot towel in the hair. Wash hair after 1 hour. This makes the hair soft and shiny.

To soften dry and frizzy hair, add some water to a hair conditioner containing cream and fill it in a spray bottle. Apply this mixture on the hair. After that comb it so that it gets spread all over the hair.

Makeup Foundation: During the festive season there are bright lights. You need bright colors for your makeup at night, otherwise your face will look pale. First wash the face thoroughly and apply moisturizer. For oily skin, apply astringent lotion with cotton. Wait a few minutes.

Blusher: Apply blusher on the cheeks. Apply on the cheek moving from top to outside. After that apply a light colored highlighter on the cheeks. Mix well. For night, the color of the blusher does not need to match the color of the lips, but should be of the same color tone.

Eye Makeup: Apply a light brown eyeshadow on the top lid of the eye and a dark brown eyeshadow on the bottom. Outline the eyes with an eye pencil or eye liner. For a smudge, layer a darker eyeshadow close the lashes. Extend it slightly upwards from the outer corner of the eye. Smudging should be done with a sponge tip applicator only. Eye liner or dark eyeshadow can also be applied on the bottom layer. Smudge after this. Accentuate your brows with gold, ivory or pastel eyeshadow. Then apply mascara. Roll on mascara applies easily. Apply mascara on the lashes from above. Apply on both top and bottom to look plump. Apply on the bottom lashes as well. Wait a few minutes and reapply. With the help of a small eyelash brush, move the brush through the lashes. To make lashes appear thicker, apply powder between 2 coats of mascara.

For lips: Lip gloss is in fashion for lips. Apply lip liner in the color of your lipstick. After applying lipstick, apply lip gloss. 2 lipsticks can be mixed to get the color of your choice.

Fridge in Fashion: Side step fridge is in vogue. You can also refrigerate in the middle. Frizz looks good on oval and long shaped faces. Flaky frizz makes a long or round face appear thinner. Small freckles look good on small faces. A ponytail and side braids are also in fashion.

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