Foot Sole Shape Personality Test: The secret of luck is hidden in the texture of your soles, know how


Expert Astro tips: In astrology, some things related to our luck and future are also hidden in the lines of hands and feet. You must have often heard people saying that hand lines can change your luck, but not only on hands but also on your soles there are some lines which tell about your future and your personality. There is only oceanic science in astrology, through which information about your coming time is given by looking at some parts of your body. One of these is foot reading, that is, to tell the future from the lines of the hands as well as the feet.

Foot reading is an ancient concept in India and China and in this a person takes information about his toes or the lines on his soles. It is widely believed that the soles tell more about a person than the top of his feet and also tell about your future. Let us know how your feet can tell the future.

What does the science of foot reading say?

It is an extension of reflexology and is believed to reveal health problems, emotional well-being and personality type. Foot reading experts believe that every person has a male and a female foot, with the right foot acting as the male and the left as the female.

The shape of the feet tells the nature

  • You can know about the nature of any person by the soles of his feet. Some special things should be taken care of in this. Let’s find out what those things are- If you see vertical lines between your soles, then you may be feeling a lack of self-esteem.

  • If the lines on the soles of the feet are oblique, it shows your indecisiveness. Such people are unable to remain firm on anything and delay in taking decisions.

  • Narrow ankles means that you need more protection and you are dependent on others for many things.

  • If you are indecisive about something or struggling in some aspect of your life, then reading feet can solve your dilemma.

Luck is hidden in the lines of the feet

  • In foot reading, on the basis of the texture of the soles of the feet and the marks made in them, some lines present in the soles tell about the future. It is believed that people whose soles are soft to look at and have fewer lines on them are more fortunate. Lakshmi’s blessings are more on such people.

  • People who have oblique lines on their soles and look restless, have more problems in their lives.

  • People with flat feet are hardworking and open-minded. Such people always help others and that is the reason why they are famous among people.

  • If chakra, lotus flower or conch is visible in the sole, then you will get a lot of fame in life and will get a job in a big place.

  • In this way you can also know about your future from your feet and know your nature.

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