Four E formula to reduce road accidents and deaths


In other countries of the world, the number of deaths due to road accidents has started decreasing, whereas in our country, despite millions of efforts, the number of deaths due to road accidents is continuously increasing. Although the government is serious about this and new efforts and steps are being taken every day, the results are not encouraging yet. Recently, discussion on four e-concepts has also started in the country, but its results are still hidden in the future. If we look at the global data, there has been a 5 percent decline in deaths due to road accidents between 2010 and 2021. On the contrary, in our country the number of deaths due to accidents is not decreasing. There are 53 accidents and 19 deaths every hour in the country. The most worrying thing is that 60 percent of the deaths are occurring in people between 18 to 35 years of age. If we look at the figures of 2022, there were four lakh 50 thousand accidents in the country and due to these accidents, one lakh 68 thousand people died. According to the data, there was an increase of 12 percent in accidents and 10 percent increase in deaths. Due to this, there is a loss of 3.14 percent in GDP. Deaths due to road accidents are really serious and Nitin Gadkari’s concern is the concern of the country. In fact, the loss caused due to accidents cannot be underestimated. The seriousness of human loss, financial loss as well as other consequences due to an accident can be easily understood.

Despite the target of halving the deaths due to road accidents in the country by 2030, both the number of road accidents and deaths are not decreasing. However, recently in a program of the Confederation of Indian Industry, Union Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has given a formula of four E’s to achieve the target of halving the number of deaths in road accidents by 2030. The four E’s include engineering, enforcement, education and emergency medical facilities. It is true that due to lack of attention while constructing a road, accident spots remain and become the cause of accidents every day. Such accident spots are the cause of most accidents in the country. The situation is such that such accident spots can be found right from the narrow streets to the express highways built with the help of a roadmap prepared by experts. A big reason is the abundance of potholes in the side streets along the National Highway which also becomes the cause of accidents and deaths. One side of the picture is that the lack of maintenance of roads can be easily seen even on the National Highways where we travel by paying toll. Accidents are common due to unevenness or potholes in the road due to rain or other reasons. People lose their lives due to accidents due to dangerous modes and other technical flaws. It is very important to have enforcement, education and immediate medical care available at the time of accident. By getting timely medical care, at least life can be saved due to accident. However, most of the countries of the world are concerned about accidents and deaths due to them and continuous efforts are going on in this direction.

The other side of the picture is even more serious. If we analyze the deaths due to road accidents in the countries of the world, then 9 out of 10 deaths are occurring in low and middle income countries. Even in these countries only about one percent have vehicles. On the other hand, there are more than a dozen countries in the world which have almost halved the number of deaths due to road accidents in a decade. At the same time, about 35 countries of the world have reduced the death toll by more than 30 percent. At the global level, this is no less than a good sign. There is a need to continue efforts to bring road accidents and deaths due to them to almost minimum level in the countries of the world including India. The countries of the world will have to pay maximum attention to sharing mutual experiences. In fact, road accidents and deaths due to them are a matter of grave concern. This is not only a concern of our country but this problem is becoming common in most of the countries of the world.

Road accidents and the deaths caused by them are really serious. Experts will have to make efforts on several fronts simultaneously. From road construction to medical facilities and other basic facilities at a fixed distance, more attention will have to be paid. The Central Highway Transport Ministry and the road construction departments of the states will have to pay attention not on one but on many fronts. Another focus will be on research and development, emphasis will be on quality in construction materials and quality in work. Along with this, along with strict adherence to road safety laws and regulations, vehicles will have to be manufactured as per Indian roads and safety systems will have to be strengthened. It is to be hoped that the Four E Concept will be successful in its objective so that the number of deaths due to accidents in the country can be reduced to the minimum level.

– Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma

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