France all set to ban wearing Abayas state schools for female Muslim students


Paris: The Education Minister of France has taken a decision which may anger the Muslim population living in the country. The education minister has said that students in French government schools will be banned from wearing the abaya. When the new academic year starts on September 4, this rule will be implemented at the same time. France has imposed a strict ban on religious signs in state schools and government buildings. He said that these signs violate secular laws. The wearing of the headscarf or hijab has been banned in schools since 2004.

why banned
Some people think that Abaya and Burqa are the same while both of them are different. Abaya is a loose, flowing garment that covers the body from shoulders to feet. Burqa is a full body covering with a mesh screen over the eyes. Both garments are worn by Muslim women, but both are different.

Education Minister Gabriel Atal gave detailed information about this decision to France’s TF1 TV. He said, ‘When you enter the classroom, you should not be able to identify the religion of the students just by looking at them. That’s why I have decided that abaya cannot be worn in school. For the past several months, there has been a debate in the country on whether it is okay for girls to wear abaya in schools.

The number of girl students with Abaya increased

There has been a rapid increase in the number of girls coming to French schools wearing abaya. Because of this, political differences have also arisen on a large scale here. Right wing parties were insisting on banning it. While the left wing said that such decisions show concern over the rights of Muslim women and girls. According to Atal, when the schools will open after the summer vacations, before that he will clarify the rules at the national level.

The mask was banned in the year 2010.

In 2010, France banned the full-face veil in public. This decision angered the country’s 50 lakh Muslim population. France has also imposed strict restrictions on religious symbols that have been in schools since the 19th century. It also includes Christian symbols such as the cross. In the year 2020, a Chechen refugee student beheaded his own teacher Samuel Paty in a suburb of Paris. He was angry with the cartoon of Prophet Muhammad being shown in the school. Since this incident, the debate on Islamic symbols has intensified.

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