France-India will increase military power. Pudhari


Paris, Circle Institute: An important discussion took place between President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on strengthening the military relations between the two countries. Apart from this, an agreement was also signed between the two countries for mutual cooperation in the fields of non-conventional energy, artificial intelligence, semiconductors, digital technology etc.

After sixteenth Bastille Day, Macron and Modi were welcomed with royal pomp in their palace. After this there was an important discussion between the two parties at the political level. Or the issue of terrorism would have been central in the discussion. On the occasion of Bastille Day, both the countries saluted the air through a mesmerizing poem. Either way, the military power of both the countries has been seen to be strong. Modi thanked Macron for providing UPI and long term visa to Indian students.

At this time, Modi testified that only French students would be freed from India. France is our natural friend. Bilateral relations between the two countries have been completed 25 years ago. Within the next 25 years, the relations between the two countries will further improve, Modi expressed this confidence in the meeting.

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