France Riots Muslim News: Cleric Imam Tawhidi Warned West & Europe Against Importing Muslim Migrants For Cheap Labor


Paris: France, known for fashion and culture, is today engulfed in communal riots. The situation is out of control after the police killing of 17-year-old Kishore Nehal. In the midst of these situations, a video of Maulana Imam Tauhidi is becoming increasingly viral on Twitter. The video is old and Tauhidi is seen warning entire Europe and Western countries including France about Islamic extremism. In this video, Imam Tauhidi has also explained the reason due to which the situation in France has deteriorated today. The video is being shared fiercely and everyone is talking about it.

September 2022 video
The video of Imam Tauhidi that has gone viral is from September 9, 2022. Tawhidi is also known as the ‘Imam of Peace’. In the video, he has explained how the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) i.e. the Iranian army cannot conduct its activities in Muslim countries. Avoiding Muslim countries, this organization is easily operating in America, UK, Canada and Australia. Tawhidi talks about extremism, Islamism and political Islam in this interview.

Accounts opened in France, America
He said that terrorism is being carried out in two ways. Firstly, in Muslim countries, secondly, it is getting a place outside Muslim countries. He can be heard saying, ‘What a joke that the IRGC and its supporters do not operate or have bank accounts in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Muslim extremist organizations like Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood cannot operate in Bahrain, Oman, Abu Dhabi countries. Then where do they go? They run their activities in countries like London, France, America, Canada and Australia and even open bank accounts.
France’s streets are on fire, President Mancro was dancing with his wife at Elton John’s concert in the club, comparison with Nero
imam angry on macro

After this, he lashed out at French President Emmanuel Macron. He said, ‘French President Macron recently said that Islamic countries are in trouble. I believe we have problems like Boko Haram, Al Qaeda and Taliban. But if you look at the big picture, Islam is very successful and is progressing. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, there is no crisis in these countries and these Muslim countries are doing very well. I would say you are in trouble. You go to Muslim countries and bring back garbage.’

Muslim refugees do not work
Tauhidi further said, ‘You choose such garbage which Muslim countries want to keep in jail or keep them away from the society. You go there and bring them with the greed of cheap labour. But Islamic extremists do not want to work. According to Imam Tauhidi, he wants to take advantage of free welfare schemes. They marry French women and have no time to work. After this he also praised Poland. He said that Poland never complained about Islamic extremism. Till date there has not been a single terrorist attack in this country. As soon as he comes to know about a problem, he takes action on it. His policy is very good.

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