French Riots and Muslim migration from Islamic countries hot political topics in Poland


Warsaw: There has been a lot of commotion on the streets of France in the last few days. Riots broke out here after the murder of 17-year-old boy Nahel. Right now the situation in the country is full of upheavals. The effect of the situation in France is also visible on the Polish elections to be held in Poland. Because of these riots, both left and right wing candidates in the country have now hardened their stand on immigration. Important elections will be held in Poland later this year. In these elections, the right-wing PiS party, which runs the government, will have to face a challenge in the form of the left-wing opposition, the Civic Coalition. The Civic Coalition is a party that has been critical of promoting immigration into the country.

PM compared with France
Riots in France and immigration from Muslim countries have become a hot topic of debate in Poland. The country’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki recently mentioned the riots in Paris during the migration discussion in the European Union (EU). He said in a tweet, ‘ Shops were looted here, police cars were set on fire, barricades were put on the roads. All this is now happening in Paris and other cities of France as well. We do not want such scenes on the streets of Poland and illegal migration to Aceh has to stop.

Morawiecki also tweeted a video comparing the calm in Poland after the riots in France. According to experts, multiculturalism has now failed in Western Europe. The European Union is now in dispute over how to handle the influx of refugees from Muslim countries.

Hungary also added to the tone of Poland
Apart from Poland, the government in Hungary has also used the French riots as an example. The governments of both countries say that they want to move the balance of power in the EU towards the east. Both countries are against mass immigration. The Polish government is currently seeking more funding for Frontex, the EU’s border agency. Along with this, the refugee quota imposed by the EU is also being considered to be abolished. Under this quota, EU member states are fined for opposing every migrant.

Nationalist thinking increased in Poland

Civic Coalition leader Donald Tusk has raised the question by releasing a video. He has asked whether Poland should accept Islamic settlement on a large scale or not? Tusk has served as the President of the EU from 2014 to 2019. He has previously spoken out against immigration in Europe. He has had differences with many EU leaders because of this. There has been a sudden rise of nationalist thought in Poland in the form of the Confederation Party. The popularity of this party has almost doubled in the last year and could act as the kingmaker in any future coalition formation.

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