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22 January in Ayodhya While amazing enthusiasm is being seen among the devotees of Shri Ram who believe in Sanatan Dharma in the country and abroad regarding the Pran Pratistha program to be held in the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, the Indian side and the opposition are seen standing face to face on this issue. . Lord Shri Ram is the representative of Indianness. They are the center point of Indian culture. The life journey of those who believe in Sanatan Dharma starts with Ram and ends with Ram Naam Satya.

The Pran Pratistha program going to be held at Shri Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya is a symbol of cultural freedom for Indians. This is also a festival of getting rid of mental slavery after suffering centuries of slavery. India’s future will be bright only when we move forward by knowing and preserving our past. Till now we have been told to forget the past and worry about the present and future. The past serves as a foundation for a bright future. Explaining this, Swami Vivekananda had said decades ago that ‘This is the same ancient land, where before going to other countries, Tatv Gyan had come and made its abode; This is the same India, where the physical representation of its spiritual flow is its flowing, ocean-shaped rivers, where the eternal Himalayas, rising in ranks, are looking at the secrets of the heavenly kingdom through their snow peaks. This is the same India, on whose land the feet of the world’s best sages have fallen. It was here that the seeds of curiosity about human nature and the revelations of the inner world first grew. It was here that the doctrines regarding the immortality of the soul, the immanent God and the omnipresence of the universe and the omnipresent God within man first emerged and it was here that the ideals of religion and philosophy achieved their ultimate development. This is the same land from where, like a surging flood, religion and philosophical elements have inundated the entire world again and again, and this is the same land from where similar waves will arise again and infuse strength and life into the listless races. This is the same India which has remained indestructible even after enduring centuries of trauma, hundreds of invasions by foreigners and hundreds of changes in conduct and behaviour. This is the same India which is still standing stronger than a mountain with its indestructible semen and life. Just as the soul is eternal, infinite and immortal, so is the life of our land, India, and we are the children of this country. I have something practical to say to you today, children of India, and the purpose of reminding you of your former glory is simply this: How often have I been told that looking back at the past only leads to degradation of mind and There is no fruit from this; Therefore, we should keep an eye towards the future. This is true. But the future is created from the past. Therefore, as far as possible, look towards the past, drink the water of the eternal spring flowing behind, and then look ahead and raise India brighter, greater and higher than before. Our ancestors were great. First we have to remember this. We have to understand what materials we are made of, what blood is flowing in our veins. We have to believe in that blood. And with this faith in the works of the past and knowledge of past glory, we will definitely lay the foundation of an India which will be better than before. Of course, there have been eras of misery and degradation here and there, but I do not give much importance to them. We all know about him. It was necessary for such eras to exist. A beautiful ripe fruit grew from a huge tree, the fruit fell on the ground, withered and rotted, the sprout that grew from this destruction is possible to be bigger than the earlier tree. All of these were necessary for the era of decline through which we had to pass. The India of the future is coming from within this decline, it has sprouted, its new leaves have emerged and the growth of that powerful, huge vertical tree has started.

What Swami Vivekananda had said decades ago about the future of India is going to come true with the Pran Pratishtha program at Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple. Today, the people of India are becoming aware of their culture and this is the proof of India’s bright future.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor Dainik Uttam Hindu).

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