G20 Declaration: G20 leaders call for global governance for AI, know what will happen from this

G20 Summit Declaration on AI Technology

G20 leaders call for global governance for artificial intelligence Called for inclusive digital public infrastructure (DPI).

G20 Summit 2023 India

Recognizing the role of DPIs in the delivery of services at the societal level, the New Delhi Leader’s Declaration welcomed the ‘G20 Framework for Digital Public Infrastructure Systems’, which provides guidance for the development, deployment and governance of DPIs. There is a voluntary and suggested framework.

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The G20 declaration stressed that secure, trustworthy, accountable and inclusive DPI can strengthen crisis recovery, while respecting human rights, personal data, privacy and intellectual property rights.

PM Modi in G20 Summit 2023

The manifesto also draws attention to providing security, crisis recovery and strengthening trust in the digital economy. “To this end, we welcome the G20 Framework for Systems of Digital Public Infrastructure, which is a voluntary and recommended framework for the development, deployment and governance of DPIs,” it said.

pm modi in G20 Summit 2023

The manifesto talks about using artificial intelligence responsibly while promoting a digital environment as well as ‘for good and for all’. It says ‘To harness the full potential of AI, equitably share its benefits and minimize its risks, we will work together to promote international cooperation and further discussions on international governance for AI .

pm modi in G20 Summit 2023

The declaration also welcomed India’s plan to create and maintain a ‘Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository’ (GDPIR), a virtual repository of DPIs that is voluntarily shared among G20 members and beyond.

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Moreover, it attaches importance to the proposal of ‘One Future Alliance’ (OFA) led by India. OFA is a voluntary initiative aimed at building capacity and providing technical and adequate financial support to implement the DPI.

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