G20 Summit: Special app will give knowledge of Gita to guests, read full news


G20 Summit: India will showcase its digital prowess to foreign delegates during the G20 summit at the end of the week, showcasing technology platforms such as Aadhaar and UPI, as well as an opportunity to understand life through the ‘Geeta’ app. The G20 summit is being organized on September 9 and 10 at the newly constructed conference venue ‘Bharat Mandapam’ at Pragati Maidan in the capital. The entire New Delhi area has been specially decorated to welcome the guests coming to attend the conference.

Experience area of ​​Digital India has also been established

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has also set up an Experience Zone of Digital India at Bharat Mandapam where technological achievements made by the country over the years will be displayed. Here, foreign guests will get a chance to understand the teachings of the holy book Gita and its philosophy through a special app. A senior official of the ministry said that ‘Ask Geeta’ will be a medium through which foreign guests will be able to understand various aspects related to life according to the teachings mentioned in this holy book.

Important information related to the conference can be accessed on the app

Along with this, the delegates coming to the conference will also be able to interact with the ONDC platform set up to promote digital commerce. Visitors will be able to visit the ‘Open Network for Digital Commerce’ (ONDC) kiosk to learn how this platform connects sellers, consumers and network providers at large. Foreign guests will also get a chance to get acquainted with the achievements made since 2014 during the Digital India campaign. During this, the basic principles and technology initiatives related to ‘Digital Public Infrastructure’ can be known through the ‘Digital Tree’ exhibition. A special G20 India mobile app has also been released to help foreign guests coming to attend the conference. Important information related to the conference can be obtained on this app.

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