Ganesh Chaturthi: Make eco-friendly Ganpati idol from food items, get ideas from here

Ganesh idol

Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner and devotees are celebrating the arrival of their favorite Ganpati Bappa in less than a week. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha. A major attraction of Ganesh Chaturthi is bringing home the idol of Lord Ganesha and then immersing it in a water body at the end of the 10-day festival.

eco friendly ganesh idol

Many statues are decorated with toxic paints and contain heavy metals like lead and mercury which make water unsafe to drink and increase water pollution. In recent years, devotees have been experimenting with eco-friendly idols made from safe materials and food items, which can then be distributed to the needy. Ahead of the festival, here are 5 Ganesha idols that you can make from food items.

Wheat Flour Ganesha

To make this idol, you just have to prepare wheat flour. The quantity of wheat will depend on the size of the idol. You can then mold it into the required shape.

Fruit Ganesh

Banana, apple, papaya, cherry and other fruits can be used as per your imagination to make the idol of Lord Ganesha. Make sure to keep your idol in a cool place in your house so that the fruits do not go stale and remain useful till the end of the festival.

Chocolate Ganesh

About a year ago, the idol of Lord Ganesha made of Belgian chocolate went viral. The edible idol was later converted into chocolate shake and distributed to the needy. You can also try the same.

Turmeric Ganesh

Soft dough can be made by mixing turmeric, wheat flour, sugar powder and milk. Now be creative and make big and small balls from the dough. Give them the shape of a beautiful Ganesha idol.

Dry-Fruits Ganesh

Dry fruits can be a good option for preparing the idol of Lord Ganesha, because there is no risk of it getting spoiled. These can later be distributed among the poor and needy. Dry fruits like cashews, raisins, almonds, walnuts etc. can be used to make the idol of Lord Ganesha.

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