Gehlot has taken many positive steps for the farmers in this budget.


In fact, it has to be understood that the materials provided as agricultural inputs, be it mini kits of seeds or fertilizers or pesticides or anything else, will be directly and 100% used in agriculture.

If the financial condition of the farmers has to be improved by farming, then the farmers will have to be helped in the form of agricultural inputs. For this, whatever amount of grant provision is made or the estimated amount of loan waiver is made by the Governments, be it of the Center or the States, with that amount the cultivators are provided with agricultural inputs i.e. improved seed-fertilizers, insecticides etc. If the kit is made available directly to the cultivator free of cost or at a subsidized rate, then its real benefit will be available to the farming farmer. The recent budget of the Rajasthan government for the coming year can be considered as a positive initiative in this direction.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, in the budget presented in the state assembly on February 10, has announced to provide free mini kits of advanced certified seeds to 23 lakh small and marginal farmers of the state. Similarly, on the occasion of International Millet Year, it is proposed to distribute mini kits of millet seeds to 8 lakh farmers and 20 lakh mini kits of vegetables. In this, it is proposed to provide mini kits of hybrid maize seeds to 11 lakh farmers, mini kits of mustard seeds to 7 lakh farmers, mini kits of moong seeds to 3 lakh farmers and mini kits of moth and sesame seeds to one lakh farmers each. . Mini kits of millet seeds will be available to 8 lakh farmers, while mini kits of vegetable seeds will be given to 20 lakh farmers. Even though small and marginal farmers have been taken under the ambit of free seed mini kit distribution by the Government of Rajasthan and it is also true that small and marginal farmers need the most help, in such a way its direct benefit is to the farmers and farmers. Will get it and this system will be more effective than sending grant amount directly to the accounts of the farmers.

In fact, it has to be understood that the materials provided as agricultural inputs, be it mini kits of seeds or fertilizers or pesticides or anything else, will be directly and 100% used in agriculture. The cultivator will use the seed only for sowing and this will increase the production, which will benefit the state and the country along with the cultivator. Agricultural production will increase in the country and the state. This ensures double benefit. One is that farmers will have availability of seeds at the time of sowing, secondly the quality and authenticity of seeds will not be compromised and farmers will not be cheated by fake seeds. Along with this, it will also be clear that since the mini kits of seeds will be distributed by the government, it will definitely be sure that the farmers will be able to get the seeds suitable for the particular area. Due to this, there can be no doubt about the quality of the seed.

If the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi is separated, then one thing should be clear that even if the grant amount is transferred through DBT to the tenant in any other way, and even after ensuring that 100% amount is transferred to the tenant without any leakage. Even if received, it cannot be ensured that the amount will be used in the production work. It cannot be denied that when cash comes in, it can be used elsewhere. In such a situation, in the new budget of the Rajasthan government, along with other farmer-oriented announcements, an outline has been presented for free distribution of mini-kits of advanced seeds and it is clear that its direct benefit will be only in increasing the farmers and agricultural production in the state. Along with this, when seed mini kits are made available by the government, then their quality and productivity will not be questioned.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Gehlot has taken a good initiative. Financial provisions have also been made for this in the budget. In such a situation, it is now the responsibility of the government machinery to prepare a roadmap for seed quality and seed distribution in a timely manner so that mini kits of seeds are distributed to the target farmers in a planned manner at the onset of monsoon or at the time of Kharif sowing. May be It is not that mini kits will be distributed for the first time but mini kits keep on being distributed but this time the state government is bringing small and marginal farmers under its purview on a large scale. In such a situation, the entire flower proof network of seed quality, availability and timely preparation and distribution of mini kits will have to be decided. For this the role of cooperative network can be decided. It should be hoped that this initiative of the state government will be implemented successfully and the farmers and the agriculture sector of the state will get its benefits. If initiative is taken to adopt this initiative of Rajasthan in other states also, then it will be a positive step in the farming sector.

-Doctor. Rajendra Prasad Sharma

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