Give yourself a glamorous look with hair color, know how to choose


Who does not like to follow their favorite celebrity. Girls follow him top to bottom so that everyone tells him that you look like an actress. This desire to hear has attracted her more towards hair coloring along with styling like her celebrity.

How to do Hair Colours: Permanent Hair Colours: In this you can hide gray hairs as well as color them as per your choice. In this, if the hair is taken care of properly, then it also lasts for a long time. Let us tell you that the role of heat processing time is important in this. That is, if the weather is cold, the processing time will be slow and additional heat is needed for this.

Temporary Hair Colour: There is no difference between permanent and temporary hair colour. Both of them look alike. But the only difference is that this hair color gets dull with every wash, so that after some time you can try another color again.

Craze of Highlights: Nowadays there is a lot of craze for highlights to give a new look to the hair. You can also get 1-2 strands of hair highlighted. It depends on your choice. Remember, always choose a shade or 2 lighter than the base color for highlights.

Which colors are in trend: Nowadays, colors like Sunflower Blonde, Floor Diamond, Caramel, Hot Toffee, Copper Shimmer, Ruby Fusion, Chocolate, Cherry are in demand, which make your personality more glamorous. But keep in mind that the color should not be applied on the scalp because there is a risk of allergy to it.

Keep these things in mind:
Do shampoo before coloring your hair. Conditioner is always used after colour.

Cover the skin beforehand, because there is a possibility of getting color on the skin.

Do not wash your hair with shampoo for 24 hours after hair colouring, because by doing this the color does not get hold in the hair and washes off.

– Do not let the color remain in the hair for a long time, because the chemical has an effect on the hair.

Use only the colors of the branded company.

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