Global Warming: Japan to America, Jagachi Ukadyane Kahili; Vikram Modle to measure high temperature in many cities; wild in the woods


Pudhari Online Desk: Global Warming: The South-West Seasonal Variations are currently covering the whole of India. That’s why India is currently in such a situation where there is full and where there is drought. However, the rest of the world is currently facing global warming and Japan and America are unable to wake up. Due to the extreme rise in temperature, forest cover has spread in many forests. Death Valley in California, known as the hottest place on Earth, has recorded the highest temperature in 110 years with Vikram Mage, it is estimated. The National Weather Service has forecast a temperature as high as 131F.

The whole world is currently facing climate change. Day by day its speed and intensity are increasing. As a result, at present the whole world is troubled by ‘Global Warming’. In particular, new records of increase in temperature are being recorded in all the countries till Japan in the east and America in the west. Especially in the United States, the Meteorological Department has issued alarming forecasts of temperature rise on Saturday. Amar Ujala has given this information. Saw India and the situation from Japan to America…

Global Warming: Situation in Asia Region

In the eastern part of India or the easternmost country of the world, Japan, the temperature is estimated to reach 38 to 39 degrees Celsius from Sunday to Monday. According to the Meteorological Department, all previous records can be modified this summer. And only the Indian sub-divisions have the opposite situation. Monsoon has assumed fierce form at some places. In some other areas, the monsoon has returned.

As a result India is waiting for perfect conditions in many places and rain in many places. And there is information that about 90 people died due to coming to North India. And the rivers of many cities in the country have reached the danger level. However, India is warm and the southwest monsoon covers the whole of India. That’s why the atmosphere is cold and temperate.

Global Warming : Situation in Africa

New heat records are being established in Morocco in North Africa. On Saturday-Sunday or both the days, the temperature in many provinces has crossed 47 degree Celsius. Everyone is surprised because of the increased temperature. Due to this, the temperature up to 47 degree Celsius is recorded in Morocco during August. However, this time the temperature has been recorded in June-July. As a result, scientists are worried that African countries will have to face water drought in June-July.
Jordan, already facing a water shortage, found itself in trouble in the middle of summer when its Ajlon forests caught fire. Because of this, the Jordan government had to use 214 tons of precious water to extinguish the fire. Apart from this, in Iraq, where such heat is always there, due to the overflow of Tigris river, severe water scarcity has been created. There is a possibility of worsening the situation in Iraq with a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.

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Global Warming: Situation in the Americas

People from California to Texas in America were shocked by the horrific eruptions. For the last 16 days, I have been feeling terrible nausea at this place. And the Meteorological Department of America has issued a high alert for more dangerous heat waves in the coming days. Extreme heat wave warnings have been issued for the entire Southwest of the United States. One-third of America’s population, about 11 crore people or people have been affected.

Death Valley in California, one of the hottest places in the world, is expected to reach 54 degrees Celsius. Here the day temperature is calculated at 48 degree Celsius. At the same time, some days in places like Las Vegas and Nevada, the temperature can reach up to 47 degrees Celsius.

In Canada, in the US north, the government says higher-than-average temperatures are triggering wildfires that have spread across parts of the US to the east. Due to the fire, about 1.5 crore acres of land has been burnt to ashes. Along with this, there is a possibility of more damage due to increase in temperature.

Global Warming : European Situation

Due to global warming, the entire Europe is also in the same condition as America. It is estimated that the temperature in Italy will register a new historical record in the coming week. Italy’s health ministry has issued a red alert in 16 cities including Rome, Bologna and Florence. The weather department has told the people to be prepared for the worst storm in history. The temperature in Rome is expected to reach 40 degree Celsius on Monday and it is expected to reach 43 degree Celsius by Tuesday. Earlier, most of the temperature in Rome would have been recorded up to 40.5 degrees Celsius. In 2007, the temperature in Rome would have reached up to 40.5 degrees Celsius.

Apart from Italy, the temperature of Europe’s Sicily and Sardinia islands is estimated to reach up to 48 degrees Celsius. This may be the highest record of heat in Europe. Athens Acropolis, one of the tourist centers of Greece, has been closed today for the third consecutive day on Sunday due to heavy rains.

Drought-like situation has been created in France due to extreme heat. Its result is on the agriculture sector. French Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau has also had to face people’s opposition due to lack of preparation. This year’s June in France would have been the second warmest June in the country’s history. The temperature will rise again in France from Tuesday, the Meteorological Department says that all Vikram Modit is going to come in the east.

Another big country in Europe is experiencing heat wave in Spain. The Meteorological Department has predicted a rise in temperature from Monday to Wednesday. That’s why the temperature will remain constant at 40 degree Celsius. The situation is likely to worsen in the Canary Islands and southern Andalusia.

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