Gmail brought a new feature, the tension of not knowing Russian German is over! Users have enjoyed – Gmail new automatic translate feature support 100 languages

Gmail is generally used for official work. In such a situation, many times mails come in English or any other language, which makes it difficult to understand that language. But Gmail has overcome this problem to a great extent. Yes, a new translate feature is being added by Gmail. Currently this feature is being rolled out for Android users. With the help of this feature, you will be able to translate German or Russian mail into your local language.

overcome the language barrier

To enjoy this feature, you need to have the latest version of Gmail installed on your phone. It is being rolled out in a phased manner for Android users. It is expected that soon it will be launched in the iOS version as well. Earlier, Gmail had given the option to write mail in its own language and send it in another language.

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why would it be useful
Gmail users will be able to change the entire message to their language in just a single click. For this you have to select the translate option. After this, click on the language in which you want to change the message. 100 languages ​​have been supported by Gmail. Meaning users will be able to translate their messages in 100 languages.

Will get these amazing features

When a message arrives on your Gmail in a different language, a popup message will automatically appear, alerting you to change the language of Gmail to your language. Apart from this, another option will be given, in which users will be able to translate their messages manually. For this, you have to click on the three dot button given on the top right corner.

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