Goa National Games: Inauguration of weightlifting competition by Sports Minister Govind Gawde


Panaji, Pudhari Vritsaeva : Goa National Games : The 37th National Sports Competition organized by Govyat has started from 19th October. After this, today (25th Wednesday) the sports weightlifting competition organized in Kampal started. Maharashtra’s Ananya Patil gave a strong salute by lifting 77 kg in the various weightlifting competitions. After this, Pandit Shabana Das from Bengal, Usha S from Haryana and Famo Devi from Manipur demonstrated strongly.

Three grand tents have been erected at Kampal Panaji for a grand sports city and weightlifting, wushu, judo, yoga, mallakhamb, wrestling and lagori competitions will be held in air-conditioned tents. Today weightlifting competition started. Sports Minister Govind Gawde inaugurated the competition. In the second session, Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant was present at the competition and awarded medals to the winners.

The playground at Kampal is well decorated and looks even more attractive at night due to the electric lighting in the area. Along with the competition, sports officials and association administrators of various states are present. The players have been strongly encouraged to join the Govyats to support the Apapalya Rajya Sangh.

Confusion about handball

There will be 42 sports instead of 43 in the 37th National Sports Championship, Yawar Budhwari Shikkamortab Jhale. Volleyball-Beach Volleyball has been excluded from the revised competition schedule by the Technical Ethics Committee (GTCC). Since the court proceedings regarding handball are underway, there is confusion about the game itself.

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