Gold prices fell before the wedding season, reached the lowest level in seven months, buy quickly… otherwise it may become heavy on your pocket again.

Buying gold is considered the safest investment. In India, people buy gold throughout the year. It is bought more as an investment than for use. While people are worried due to increase in the price of gold, there is a huge decline in the price of gold these days. The wedding season is also going to start in the next few days.

In such a situation, if you are also thinking of buying gold, then do it quickly, because this is a great opportunity to buy gold. Now there is an opportunity to save money by buying gold and silver. The price of gold in the domestic market has fallen to its lowest level in seven months. On October 3, gold opened with a fall on MCX exchange. There has been a decline in the price of gold since morning. Last week also a decline was seen in the price of gold. Apart from gold, silver is also not doing well. There has also been a decline in the price of silver.

Earlier, on Friday i.e. on September 29, the last day of the trading week, the price of gold had also fallen. It is believed that a fall in the price of gold may be seen in the coming days also. This means that people who want to buy gold can buy it at a cheaper price in the coming days. Let us tell you that on Tuesday i.e. October 3, gold opened at Rs 57426 per 10 grams. Earlier last Monday i.e. a week ago, its price had closed at Rs 57600 per 10 grams. It is believed that in the coming days the price of gold may fall to Rs 56,000 to Rs 56,500.

Silver also declined

Along with this, a huge decline has also been seen in the price of silver. Silver opened at Rs 69,255 per kg on October 3. Shortly after the market opened, the price of silver reached Rs 65,666 per kg. Whereas before the market closed on September 29, the price of silver was Rs 69,857 per kg. There is a possibility that the price of silver will reach Rs 65,000 per kg in the coming days. In such a situation, buying gold and silver before the end of this month can be a profitable deal. However, after this we may see a rise in the prices of gold and silver.

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