Gold prices have increased, silver prices have fallen, before buying, see here what are the latest rates


New Delhi: Gold prices are witnessing a rise on the third trading day of the week i.e. Wednesday morning. At the same time, the prices of silver have come down. Gold remains close to Rs 58 thousand with a fall. Gold Price Today has been seen trading at a fast pace. A jump in the price of gold is being seen on the MCX exchange on Wednesday morning. Today, gold for delivery on August 4, 2023, opened with an increase at Rs 58410 per 10 grams. Whereas on Tuesday it closed at Rs 58,409. However, after some time gold was seen trading with an increase of Rs 58417 per 10 grams. At the global level too, there was a rise in gold prices on Tuesday.

fall in silver

Where there is a boom in gold. On the other hand, a fall in Silver Price Today is being seen on Wednesday. Silver for delivery on September 5, 2023, opened with a fall at Rs 70437 per kg on MCX on Wednesday. It had closed at Rs 70542 on Tuesday. At the same time, the price of silver for delivery on 5 December 2023 also opened with a decline at Rs 71768 per kg. It had closed at Rs 71,981 on Tuesday.

Gold Silver Price Today: Gold fell upside down, silver prices increased, see what is the latest rate of 10 grams of gold

global gold price

The global prices of gold are seeing a rise on Wednesday. On Comex, the global futures price of gold was trading at $ 1931.70 an ounce with an increase of 0.11 percent or $ 2.20. At the same time, the global spot price of gold declined by 0.04 percent or $ 0.78 to trade at $ 1924.70 an ounce.

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global silver price

The global futures price of silver on Comex is seeing a rise on Wednesday. Silver was trading at $ 23.13 an ounce on Comex on Wednesday morning, up 0.06 per cent or $ 0.01. At the same time, the global spot price of silver was trading down at $ 22.93 an ounce.

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