Gold-Silver Price Today: Great opportunity to buy gold and silver today, know what is today’s price


Gold-Silver Price Today: If you are planning to buy gold or silver jewelery or accessories, then today is a good opportunity for you. Gold rates are rising due to demand for gold and dollar prices during the festive season. But, today no change has been seen in the prices of gold and silver in the Indian bullion market. The price of one gram of 22K gold was ₹5,495 while the price of 24K gold was ₹5,995. Let us tell you that the purity of gold is measured in carats. 24 carat gold is said to be the purest gold. Its purity is around 99.9. Whereas, 22 carat gold contains traces of other metals like copper and zinc. At the same time, the price of one gram of silver on Monday is Rs 75.80. The price of 10 grams of silver in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata is Rs 758. The price of silver in Chennai and Bengaluru was ₹793 and ₹742.50. However, keep in mind the purity while purchasing gold. Try to buy only BIS hallmarked jewellery. Also, choose a trusted or branded jeweller. Also, check the stamps on your jewelery while purchasing. The number written on gold jewelery gives information about the purity of the jewellery.

What is the price of gold in which city?

City 22K Gold Price (Rs/10 GMS) 24K Gold Price (Rs/10 GMS)

Delhi 55,100 60,100

Mumbai 54,950 59,950

Kolkata 54,950 59,950

Chennai 55,210 60,230

Bangalore 54,950 59,950

price of silver

How to identify the purity of gold

The purity of gold can be determined on the basis of carat. BIS Hallmark has been started by the government to measure the purity of gold. In this, more carat means more pure gold. Gold is divided into 24K, 22K and 18K carat. 24K gold is considered to be the purest. There is no adulteration of any kind in it. 22K gold consists of two parts metals like silver, zinc, nickel and the remaining part is gold. Most jewelery is made in 22k gold only. At the same time, 75 percent of 18K gold is gold. The remaining 25 percent is made up of other metals.

How to check purity of gold

To check the purity of gold, karat value is shown on gold jewellery, which shows its purity. 24 carat gold is completely pure. Low karat gold may contain an admixture of other metals. Also, the replaceability value of gold can be determined using the Specific Gravity Tester. This instrument measures the ratio between the weight of the gold and the weight you provide, allowing you to check the purity. In most countries, gold jewelery has a stamp that lets you check its karat and purity. Additionally, you can purchase special gold testing kits, which include various testing tools to identify non-gold. If you have doubts about the purity of gold, you can seek advice from a local gold corporation or a certified jeweler.

What is BIS hallmark?

BIS Hallmark is a standard developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (Bureau of Indian Standards, BIS) has established for gold and silver jewellery. This standard is meant to provide a guarantee of quality, purity and functionality of the jewelery that passes them. Whenever you buy gold or silver jewelery and you have to confirm its quality and standards, you see BIS Hallmark on that jewellery. This standard certifies jewelery by checking several parameters, such as percentage of metal layer, weight of the jewellery, cutting technique, etc. The main objective of BIS Hallmark is to help consumers identify high quality jewelery and provide them with a sense of trust and security.

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