Good news for the bank employees, the government has given this order, the work will be completed by December!


The government can give a big gift to the government bank employees. The Finance Ministry has started the process of increasing the salary of bank employees. The ministry has asked the Banking Association (IBA) to initiate the process of dialogue. Also said that it has also been asked to complete it by December 1. PTI has given this news quoting a senior official of the Ministry of Finance. The matter of review of salaries of government employees and officers is stuck since November 2022.

It will increase only after talks with organizations

According to the official, the Finance Ministry has asked the banking association to complete the wage hike talks on time. So that the salary of the employees can be increased on time. The Banking Association also arrives at the conclusion of wage hike on the basis of the consensus reached after negotiations with the employees’ unions of various banks. The official says that for the change in salary, the ministry has emphasized on fairness and equality. The government is trying to ensure that the salary structure remains competitive with the rest of the units in the banking industry.

Efforts are being made to implement the increment on time

PTI quoted officials as saying that the initial pay hike would help improve working conditions and encourage employees in the banking sector. Further, the Finance Ministry has urged the IBA to ensure that all future wage negotiations are completed before the start of the next period, so that the wage revision is implemented from the due date.

Wage hike for public sector bank employees is a complex issue. The IBA has said it is committed to reaching an agreement with the unions that is fair to both banks and employees. The unions have said that they expect the IBA to be able to offer a reasonable wage increase.

Good condition of public sector banks

According to the official, wage settlement for banks has always been a difficult and time-consuming process, with bank managements and employee unions represented by IBA engaged in tough negotiations. The government has decided to increase the salary of the employees at a time when the financial condition of public sector banks is good. His net worth has almost tripled to Rs 1.04 lakh crore in FY2023 from Rs 36,270 crore in FY2014.

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